NGNInsights 2.7.2 Release

Grupo NGN will be releasing an update to NGNInsights (2.7.2) with exciting features including 5 specific customer requests. The release will be available Monday June 27th 2022.

Customer Requests

Agent Data Spotlight Page
Prior to this release, agents only had access to the data driving the Insights on their tile and supervisors had access to the full list of data connected to NGNInsights. Now supervisors can mark any data point as an “Agent Spotlight” so agents can have daily and real time access to any data point that is connected to NGNInsights.
Tooltips for each insight added to the data grid view and agent application

Agents can now hover over their tile to see the Insight name and data value.

Agent Gamification Transaction Filter

Supervisors can now filter the gamification transaction list to show only active agents or all agents or to filter by team name.

Achievements use Custom Images

Supervisors can now filter the gamification transaction list to show only active agents or all agents or to filter by team name.

@ Mentioning in Chat

Using the @ symbol in channels to call out specific users is now supported.

RoadMap Updates

Points Spotlight
We have upgraded the points spotlight to show both supervisors and agents a full break down of how agents have earned their points for each shift. The spotlight shows how many hours an agent has been logged in for their shift and how many points the agent has earned out of how many points are possible for each Insight.
Insight Data Fields Filter

A filter specific for Insights data has been added to make it easier for supervisors and data analysts to review.

Spellcheck Added to Chat

We have added a library to check spelling and to provide suggested corrections in chat.

The first-time agents launch their application after the update the application will automatically download and install the updates. Supervisors will not need to do anything as they will have access to all the new features on the supervisor platform once their system is migrated to the 2.7.2 version.

If you have any questions about using NGNInsights you can reach out to If you are interested in adding NGNInsights to your contact center please contact our sales department at or call 844-GO-GRUPO (844) 464-7876.

Reach ou us to understand how you can improve performance in your operation with NGNInsights



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Take this opportunity and empower your operation with the best performance, chat, and gamification platform on the market.

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