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Case Study NGNInsights Entries

Case Study: Cable TV/Internet BPO Quadruples their Up Sell Rate

A Cable TV/Internet company sought Up Sell Percentage...

Outbound Fundraising Data Analysis Uncovers Key Area of Improvement

Contact Centers around the world have benefited from NGNCloudComm Insights. In this article we will review the initial steps of a complimentary analysis provided to a Contact Center making outbound calls to fundraise for non-profit organizations. Resulting in uncovering a key area of improvement as well as providing agents visual real time status bar showing their adherence to this key performance indicator, allowing them to make the proper corrections.

NGNInsights™ Provides AI Powered Analytics, Dashboards, and Gamification for Nice InContact™

Grupo NGN has enhanced  the NGNInsights™ integration with Nice InContact™ to the latest API version. This makes it simpler for Nice InContact™ users, regardless of the channels utilized, to add the AI powered analytics, dashboards, and gamification features provided...

Agent Adherence Improvement with NGNInsights

California Regional MLS sees Schedule Adherence Improvement with NGNInsightsCalifornia Regional MLS (CRMLS) is the largest and most recognized Multiple Listing Service in the world. The CRMLS Customer Care department handles support for a base of over 110,000 real...