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NGNCloudComm Agent Station Monitoring

Contact Center Agent Workstation Monitoring and Recording

NGNCloudComm ShadowCoach is our live workstation screen monitoring and live supervisor-to-agent chat system designed for Contact Centers. Simple to install and user friendly, it is a  plug-and-play tool that will improve the way you manage your teams.

Contact Center Agent Workstation Monitoring is a key feature of NGNCloudComm, a #1 rated CCaaS by G2. NGNCloudComm ShadowCoach allows users to record agent’s screens as well as both the computer audio and any input audio.  Recorded files are maintained for as long as a customer has enough storage space to keep them.

Monitor your agent’s workspace in real time

NGNShadowCoach Monitor Contact Center Agent Workstation

Simple Monitoring

View multiple monitors and hear both system audio and microphone audio

NGNCloudComm ShadowCoach gives you the possibility to monitor agents as needed. Manage your team, weather remote or local without leaving your seat.

Low Bandwidth Usage

You don’t need to sacrifice the agent’s connection to monitoring with efficiency. Our technology is designed to give what you need with minimum effect in the agent data transfer.

Help Your Agents

Chat tool between Supervisors and Agents

Communicate with your agents while monitoring their workstations. It allows real-time coaching without interrupting the agent while having visibility into their workstation.

Auto Recording

Create simple auto-recording rules for your team members

Agents may work hard but to clearly understand their performance, screen recording gives you a detailed insight. Monitor agent performance through recordings, save critical information and revisit the videos whenever needed.

Silent Workstation Monitoring

Silently Allows your supervisors to monitor their teams either remote or on-premise

Use when it is time to monitor your agents ‘s workstation discretely to ensure the best quality assurance. With NGNCloudComm ShadowCoach, agents are not alerted when a supervisor is monitoring their workstation, providing an honest assessment of their performance.

Just plug and play

NGNShadowCoach Low Bandwidth Silent Remote Monitor Agent Screen Recording

Single file simple install

Once the file is installed on agent’s workstations they are automatically logged into NGNShadowCoach when they log into Windows, even after the machine has been rebooted or turned off. You can be certain that the monitoring will be active when you need it.

NGNShadowCoach Low Bandwidth Silent Remote Monitor Agent Screen Recording

Web based monitoring

There is nothing to install on supervisor machines at all! Monitoring and chat is done from a user-friendly web platform. This makes it simple for a supervisor to monitor agents as needed.