Give customers one consistent path to a great experienceCustomers expect consistent and high-quality experiences regardless of the channel they use to contact your company, whether it be voice, chat, web messaging or other methods. Providing excellent experiences fosters growth and customer loyalty, while poor experiences result in lost sales and customer churn. Routing customers immediately to the best agent for their needs increases the likelihood of continued engagement, and when agents know the reason for the customer's contact beforehand, they can tailor their conversations in the most effective manner. By employing the appropriate routing across all channels, customers receive faster and more efficient service from more productive agents.

The Right Solution To Deliver Exceptional Results

Intelligent Inbound Routing for ALL Channels

Give customers the best possible experience by matching each caller with the best resource — whether it’s a representative or a bot. Customers have a consistent experience when you unify voice and digital in a single platform.

NGNCloudComm Optichannel Inbound Routing

OptiChannel Capabilities

Interact with your customers in the most optimal way possible. Switch or mix between channels while maintaining the same interaction. For example, move from a voice call to a webchat with the same agent and customer.

NGNCloudComm Intelligent

Multi-Tier Routing

Chose the optimal startegy to deliver every interaction:

  • Multi Skills Based
  • Account Ownership
  • Team Ownership
  • Last Agent Handled
  • Priority Scoring
  • Customer Defined
NGNCloudComm Intelligent Inbound IVR

Self-Service Inbound

Customers can get assistance with voice and online self-service options around the clock through speech-enabled interactive voice response (IVR) and web messaging. If a customer needs additional help that cannot be provided by the automated systems, the software enables seamless transitions from bots to human agents, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted customer experience.

Grupo NGN Total Experience

Intuitive Operations

NGNCloudComm is a user-friendly and easy-to-use cloud-based contact center solution. NGNCloudComm was designed with the average user in mind, making it easy for non-technical users to make changes and configure the system as needed. The software is also intuitive, meaning that agents and supervisors can easily navigate and use the system without requiring extensive training or technical expertise. Overall, NGNCloudComm aims to provide businesses with a user-friendly, easy-to-use contact center solution that can be easily customized and adapted to their specific needs.

Optichannel Contact Center software

Advanced Features

Allow customers to engage with virtual queuing, voicemail and callback options in addition to traditional live-agent interactions, giving them more flexibility and convenience when it comes to contacting your business. This can be especially important if your customers have varying schedules or time constraints that make it difficult to connect with a live agent.

After each call, NGNCloudComm provides post-call surveys and call recordings that businesses can use to gain insights into customer preferences, identify areas for improvement, and train agents to provide better customer service. This data can help businesses make informed decisions about their contact center operations and improve the overall customer experience.

Compehensive Inbound Features
NGNCloudComm Multi-tier Inbound Routing

Multi-Tier Routing

NGNCloudComm Multi-tier Inbound Skills Based Routing

Skills Based Routing for Voice, Chat, Data, Email, SMS, etc.

NGNCloudComm Virtual Queuing

Virtual Queueing

NGNCloudComm Scheduled Call Back

Scheduled Call Backs

NGNCloudComm Optichannel Contact Center Software

True Optichannel Contact Center

NGNCloudComm True Blended Interface

True Blended Platform - All Channels = One Interface

NGNCloudComm EngageNow

EngageNow Innovative New Interaction

NGNCloudComm Real Time Reports, Dashboards

Real Time Reports and Dashboards