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How to React to Changing Federal/State Telecom Laws:

NGNCloudComm allows Contact Centers to automatically enforce Business Rules. Business Rules include external issues such as federal compliance, licensing requirements, and curfew regulations. But with NGNCloudComm, Business Rules also include internal policies such as how many leads or cases each agent is assigned, or what custom disposition an interaction should be categorized with. NGNCloudComm allows customers to quickly create these Business Rules that are then automatically enforced by the system.

When Business Rules are enforced automatically by the CCaaS, Contact Centers save time and money while simultaneously increasing Efficiency and ROI. Automatic enforcement reduces and can even eliminate the amount of time and effort required to train new agents or to train agents on new State Laws or other policies. Business Rules can be applied on a per-Campaign basis. This means Contact Centers can create and use them as needed without having to involve expensive professional services or consultants that can take weeks if not months to apply changes and updates.

A recent law that is only applied to a handful of states is a “no-rebuttal” law that states “If the person receiving the telephone call indicates that he or she does not want to hear about the charity, goods or services, the caller shall not attempt to provide additional information during that conversation about the charity, goods or services”. This law applies to 12 of the 50 states. With Business Rules, rather than having to overhaul your entire process and put your agents through training on the law, NGNCloudComm will automatically update our Intelligent Agent Script to alert the agent whether they are calling a “no-rebuttal” state and need to end the call or if they are calling a state where they are allowed to provide additional information. This process can even be further enhanced with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) giving real time prompts to the agent as to whether they need to end the call or prompt them with suggestions for the best rebuttal depending on the state being dialed.

A few examples of Business Rules used by NGNCloudComm customers include:

  • Automatic Dialing Law enforcement: the system will not dial any number outside of legal calling hours. NGNCloudComm will also not allow any agent to manually dial any number outside of legal calling hours.
  • Limit 3 Attempts per 24 Hour Period: This Business Rule ensures that a lead or contact (a collections call for example) is not attempted more than 3 times in any 24-hour period. With this call tactic, Contact Centers save significant time and effort tracking the number of attempts made to each contact and eliminates any possibility of non-compliance due to human error.
  • State Licensing Controls: For customers that have licensed sales or support agents, NGNCloudComm call tactics, automates that any interactions (inbound or outbound voice, webchat, email, etc.) are only assigned to agents with the proper licensing.
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