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5 Must Have Features for Effective Outbound Call Center Software

If you use or need software that will optimize the efficiency of your call center outbound dialing, then you should understand the key features of effective outbound call center software. NGNCloudComm, our top rated CCaaS solution, offers five must-have outbound calling features that make a world of difference when it comes to customer service and overall efficiency.

NGNCloudComm’s outbound call center software uses advanced predictive dialing technology to significantly reduce the time it takes to reach customers on the phone. This means agents can handle more calls with better results. Moreover, our cloud-based platform allows agents to access customer data anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Additionally, NGNCloudComm’s outbound call center software includes robust reporting and analytic tools to give supervisors insights into real time agent performance. This means supervisors have more time to focus on agents and less time reading spreadsheets. As supervisors better manage their teams NGNCloudComm users improve overall customer service quality and have improved agent morale.

Finally, NGNCloudComm’s outbound call center software provides comprehensive Optichannel and Omnichannel support for voice calls, emails, text messages, chatbot conversations and more. This helps agents address customer inquiries quickly and accurately across several channels for unlimited customer engagement potential.

Ominichannel Software

1 Predictive AI Dialing for Increased Connect Rates

When it comes to effective outbound call center software, predictive AI dialing is a must-have feature. Predictive dialers increase utilization rates for contact centers by eliminating wait times and allowing agents to focus on more relevant conversations with customers. NGNCloudComm’s outbound call center predictive dialing algorithms use artificial intelligence (AI) and statistical algorithms to ensure calls are made efficiently, resulting in a lower rate of abandoned calls and a higher rate of live connections.

As one of the pioneers of Predictive AI since 1995, Grupo NGN is a veteran in this field. NGNCloudComm’s outbound call center software provides powerful predictive dialers that prioritize customer contacts to further optimize agent productivity. This helps contact centers deliver more on their customer service promises as well as identify opportunities for recurring sales or complimentary services. With NGNCloudComm’s revolutionary predictive dialer technology, you can ensure your outbound call center software is up to date with the best technology available.

2 Robust Call Disposition and Reporting for Optimization

Call disposition provides visibility into call outcomes and enables you to create more effective sales strategies. Without call disposition metrics, it can be difficult to tell what works or doesn’t work with your outbound calling efforts.

Fortunately, NGNCloudComm’s outbound call center software offers the essential feature of call disposition codes. This helps you track and analyze all key contact data, such as who was contacted, when they were called, the outcome of each call, and how long each contact took.

Our intuitive drag-and-drop user interface makes it easy to customize calling processes, without any code, including both the calls themselves and follow-up activities like emailing or texting key contacts. You can also use detailed reporting features to get insights into your current outbound calling operations and uncover new opportunities for improvement.

But NGNCloudComm goes beyond call disposition: with its Business Rules feature you can build sophisticated workflows around each contact and automate repetitive tasks such as removing duplicate leads or retry failed calls. This optimizes your sales process and increases the effectiveness of your outbound calling efforts.

3 Built in Compliance Features to Avoid Penalties

Telemarketing is a heavily regulated industry in the US, and staying on the right side of the law is crucial. Fortunately, NGNCloudComm provides features to help you avoid costly penalties, such as our future proof built-in compliancy module.

Individual States and the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) fines individuals and companies who disregard telemarketing laws each year, so it’s important to stay up to date with the latest regulations. With NGNCloudComm’s compliancy module, you can ensure your telemarketing efforts remain compliant with state and federal regulations such as The Telemarketing Sales Rule and The Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

Using the built in compliancy module you can:

Block certain phone numbers from being called if they’re registered in a Do Not Call Registry

Monitor your calls for unwanted auto-dialing or prerecorded messages

Set a limit on how many times agents are allowed to call a customer within a given period

Ensure that calls do not surpass the required maximum frequency during a particular time and withing the allotted times

Establish a comprehensive telemarketing compliance checklist

Record all calls for review by supervisors

By utilizing these tools, you can make sure your telemarketers are following all applicable laws and avoid heavy fines related to telemarketing violations.

4 Flexible and Custom Business Rules to Suit Your Needs

Effective outbound call center software should offer your business the flexibility to customize outbound calling according to your individual needs. NGNCloudComm offers a wide range of features that allow you to tailor your outbound calling experience, including:

AI Predictive Dialer

Predictive dialers increase the efficiency of your agents and customer experience by automatically dialing a list of numbers. When a customer answers, the system intelligently routes the call to an available agent.

AI Skills Based Predictive Dialer

Combine the power of an AI Predictive dialer with the ability to connect and route calls based on the Skills available at the moment! All this without affecting your abandon rate or contact ratio.

Power Dialer

Power dialers are ideal for larger call centers that require more complex calling techniques, with or without agents. This feature includes queue prioritization, IVR auto transfer, agent scheduling, and the ability to delay or pause calls as needed.

Preview Dialer

Preview dialers give agents detailed information about customers before they make calls, allowing them to tailor their conversations accordingly. This makes it easier for agents to connect with customers and close deals faster.

Flexible Redialing Rules

Redialing rules allow you to create custom rules for different scenarios, so you can be sure that the right leads are contacted at the right time – improving customer engagement and helping you drive results.

With NGNCloudComm’s advanced business rules, you get great flexibility and control when it comes to managing your outbound calling process.

5 Call Recording and Monitoring for Coaching and Quality Assurance

Call recording and monitoring is essential for organizations to meet compliance and security policies, agent improvent, and to measure customer satisfaction rates. With NGNCloudComm’s outbound call center software, call quality is monitored at all times to ensure that agents have the information they need to provide exceptional customer service.

The NGNCloudComm platform offers several features that make it a must-have for any outbound call center software:

Call recording and monitoring: With NGNCloudComm, organizations can record 100% of calls which enables them to monitor call quality in real time.

Call quality monitoring: The business rules feature allows organizations to analyze calls and capture pertinent information from customer interactions.

Built-in audio/video recording: NGNCloudComm’s built-in audio and video recordings help organizations efficiently manage their compliance and security policies.

Bonus Scalability to Grow with Your Business

Call recording and monitoring is essential for organizations to meet compliance and security policies, agent improvent, and to measure customer satisfaction rates. With NGNCloudComm’s outbound call center software, call quality is monitored at all times to ensure that agents have the information they need to provide exceptional customer service.

The NGNCloudComm platform offers several features that make it a must-have for any outbound call center software:

Easily add more agents as the customer base increases.

Web Based Phoneless agents. Add new agents quickly and efficiently without needing any extra hardware.

Automated processes for managing peak times and seasonal demands.

Capacity planning features that can anticipate future needs and ensure optimal performance at all times.

Advanced reporting abilities that will keep track of metrics like customer behavior, agent performance, and more in real time.


In conclusion, choosing an outbound call center software that is capable of handling all your call center needs doesn’t have to be a complicated process. By using the five essential features listed above as requirements, you will ensure that you are selecting the right outbound call center software for your business. NGNCloudComm not only offers these features, but also goes above and beyond with its AI predictive dialing, call disposition, reporting, and its compliance features. With NGNCloudComm’s business rules, call recording, and monitoring, you ensure that your outbound calls are handled efficiently and effectively. No matter your business needs, NGNCloudComm is the right choice when it comes to outbound call center software. Did we mention that all this comes at a competitive price as well?