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Monthly Savings with NGNCloudcomm

Grupo NGN helped a BPO save more than $2.2 Million by switching to NGNCloudComm. How much can you save?

Prior to moving to NGNCloudComm this large BPO customer was using and paying for multiple systems to meet their client’s needs for outbound and inbound dialing. The customer lost time and efficiency as their agents had to log in and out of different systems multiple times each shift to switch between taking inbound or making outbound calls. The customer dealt with repeat outages and downtime. Finally, the customer learned that they could not move their largest client to a more profitable billing model because their old systems lacked the features to track and report the data required by their client to move to the new model. NGNCloudComm solved every one of these issues on top of saving the BPO a significant amount of money.

The BPO saved more than $41,000 per month in licensing fees alone by replacing multiple systems with NGNCloudComm. The customer is also saving more than $21,000 each month in phone and long-distance costs by switching to Grupo NGN and receiving more competitive long-distance pricing. On top of saving more than $62,000 per month, they are also now able to move their largest client to a more profitable billing option. Additionally, they are gaining in agent efficiency by having a single omnichannel platform, and they added the performance and gamification platform NGNInsights. The customer is also now able to include political dialing to their portfolio with the features added by switching to NGNCloudComm a new market they were not able to qualify and accept before.

Grupo NGN software gives our customer all the functionality of their previous systems plus these additional features and capabilities

True Omnichannel System with a Single Agent Platform

New Supported Channels: Email, Chat, SMS Text, WhatsApp, Social Media, and Web Forms

Intelligent Scripting

Advanced IVR

Business Rules Strategies

Voice and Screen Recordings

Advanced Compliancy Modules

Real Time Reports

Advanced Data Flow API

Agent Performance, Chat and Gamification

Real Time Feedback Loop Between Agents and Supervisors

Internal Chat System Designed Specifically for Contact Centers

Lower Telecom and Long Distance Fees

And Much More…

NGNInsights customers have seen some of the following results

4X increase in a Cable TV/Internet upsell package rate from 5.1% to over 21%

27 second decrease of Average Handle Time equating to more than $1 million monthly savings

9X Return on Investment increasing daily handled support cases from 8.37/day to 10.15/day per agent

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