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Grupo NGN First To Market Milestones

Your Technology Partner, let Your Imagination Be Your ONLY Limitation

Thank for your interest about Grupo NGN. We have a long path since it’s inception in 1987 and the First Version (ASD softswitch) came out in 1995. At that time, we already designed an Omnichannel AI powered Call Center software. Today NGNCloudComm is a #1 G2 rated CCaaS and the first platform with Optichannel functionality.

As a testimony of our commitment to advancement, here are some of the features we brought to market first in the CCaaS arena.

We are not just a vendor selling software. We are a technology partner committed to our customers’ long-term success. To that end, we have designed our software to adapt to the customer’s needs, we don’t expect customers to adapt to our products and our customers do not require programming knowledge.

Grupo NGN Milestones
Jan 1995

First CCaaS without an underlying PBX or UCaaS requirement to function

Jan 1995

First CCaaS to utilize A.I. algorithms to control outbound dialing

June 1995

First to market with built in call recording

June 1997

First CCaaS to have native omnichannel email support

Feb 2001

First to implement Business Rules Engine

Mar 2003

First to support real time automatic DNC enforcement

July 2005

First to market with virtual queues

Nov 2008

First to enforce State by State compliance

Jun 2009

First with Scheduled Callbacks

Guarantee a callback at the exact specified date and time without droping the call
Jul 2011

First with Bult-In Chat Support Plus IVR For Chat

Nov 2011

First with Recording Interface Rules Supporting Internal Plus Any 3rd Party

Jan 2014

First to market with Dual Channel call recording

Nov 2020

First with Open Data API (including IVR)

Aug 2021

First with Open Agent Desktop Monitoring & Recording

Jun 2022

First with EngageNow & Employee Chat With CC Security

Feb 2023

First CCaaS to support Optichannel – switching or combining channels in real time in the same interaction

Jul 2023

First to support Video plus Screen Sharing

Jul 2023

First To Support Real Time Conversation Transcribing PLUS Simultaneous Translation to Multiple Languages

Jul 2023

First To Allow Customer's Customers Ability to Monitor Agents Serving Them Plus Reporting