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NGNCloudComm Makes Your Contact Center Future Proof to any Changing or New Regulations

The landscape of Contact Center regulation and compliance is undergoing significant changes as policymakers intensify their efforts to combat the scourge of spam calls. These legislative endeavors are not only garnering attention but also support, thanks to the promises they hold to curtail unwanted and intrusive phone calls. State legislatures are taking proactive measures to enact laws that directly influence the operations of Contact Centers.

NGNCloudComm’s Distinctive Edge

In this era of evolving regulations and the complex challenges they pose to businesses, NGNCloudComm emerges as a beacon among CCaaS platforms. At its core is a business rules engine that empowers users to create automated enforcement rules based on any set of data or logic. This versatility empowers Contact Centers to maintain compliance, whether on a Federal, state-by-state basis or for specific cases including International laws, all while reducing the risks associated with human error.

Adapting to Changing Landscapes

The regulatory landscape is evolving rapidly, with changes stemming from multiple sources, at both State and Federal levels in the United States as well as internationally. These changes often introduce more intricate rules that go beyond simple manual or automatic dialing, extending their influence into various B2B interactions. NGNCloudComm with its call tactics and business rules allows Contact Centers to immediately adapt to any new laws and regulations. 

Contact Centers must address several complex challengesKey Challenges and Complexities

time restrictions based on the callee's location

Time Restrictions

New regulations introduce multiple time restrictions based on the callee’s location. Handling locations within a state with varying time zones becomes a pressing concern. How can Contact Centers adapt to increasingly intricate time restrictions, including the need to avoid calling during lunch times?

new laws impose call restrictions

Volume Limitations

Some new laws impose restrictions that allow a maximum of three contact attempts within a 24-hour period, encompassing all communication channels, including voice and text.

maintenance of comprehensive detailed Call History

Detailed Interaction History

The evolving legal landscape necessitates the maintenance of comprehensive records for each interaction attempt. These records extend beyond the conventional information and require details such as the caller ID used, the carrier, whether the call was transferred, to whom it was transferred, the time the call was answered, and the method of communication, among other details.

NGNCloudComm recognizes these challenges and equips Contact Centers with the tools and flexibility needed to address them effectively. By leveraging our innovative business rules engine, you can ensure compliance with the ever-changing regulations while streamlining your operations.

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