Reach Customers more effectivelyFull IVR Call Center CapabilitiesNGNCloudComm boasts a comprehensive Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution that stands out among its competitors. The Intelligent IVR technology not only caters to inbound calls, but also facilitates outbound, SMS, and social media interactions. This solution is further enriched with customer data dips and Artificial Intelligence (AI) data endpoints interaction, providing an unmatched user experience.

NGNCloudComm Your Intelligent Cloud IVR
Enhance customer engagements through potent intelligent IVR assistance To Deliver Exceptional Results
NGNCloudComm Increases your ROI

Optimize Efficiency

Optimize the efficiency of your contact center by automating requests through self-service options, thereby reducing the workload on your agents. In cases where live agent intervention is required, expedite the resolution process by transferring context to the agent. This approach ensures that customer interactions are handled with minimal delay and your agents are able to provide swift and effective support.

NGNCloudComm Intelligent IVR self service 24x7

Meet Customer's Expectations

In today’s fast-paced business environment, customer expectations have evolved to include 24/7 support. NGNCloudComm addresses this need by providing intelligent Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions that enable customers to initiate contact through their preferred channel, at any time of the day. This approach is further complemented by personalized support, ensuring that customers receive tailored assistance that meets their unique needs.

NGNCloudComm Easy Interface for IVR

Easy To Use IVR Creation Interfaces

Streamline the process of designing self-service journeys with NGNCloudComm’s user-friendly configuration and management tools. Eliminating the need for IT assistance, you can easily create and deploy Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions across multiple channels, providing seamless on-demand self-service to customers.

The platform offers a sophisticated toolset that facilitates personalized experiences, enabling swift customer identification and issue resolution. With the ability to tailor rules, messages, menus, and multilingual flows, based on customer identity, purpose of call, and contact center capacity, your business can enjoy improved metrics such as First Contact Resolution (FCR).

NGNCloudComm Intelligent Inbound IVR

Empower Your Team

NGNCloudComm offers a highly efficient management system that allows authorized managers and supervisors to control operations in real-time, eliminating the need to involve the IT department. With the software’s comprehensive permission settings, businesses can grant the necessary access to relevant personnel and ensure optimal productivity. Moreover, the software includes a powerful What-If scenario feature that enables users to explore different options and make informed decisions before committing to a plan. This functionality allows businesses to experiment with lead selection, their order, and even call behavior with ease, thereby maximizing the efficiency of outbound campaigns. With just a click of a mouse, authorized personnel can quickly make changes, improving the responsiveness and flexibility of the organization. In this way, NGNCloudComm offers businesses a highly professional and comprehensive solution for managing their outbound campaigns.

Grupo NGN Total Experience

Intuitive Operations

In the current business landscape, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology has become an essential component of any customer-facing contact center strategy. As this technology has evolved over time, it has become a highly versatile tool that can be deployed in various scenarios, extending beyond its traditional role as a filter for inbound routing.

In today’s context, IVRs have multiple use cases, including the ability to detect a caller’s phone number based on their history, thereby directing the call to the appropriate department. IVRs can also be leveraged for outbound campaigns, utilizing robocalls to offer options to customers.

Additionally, IVRs have advanced to the point where they can be paired with Automated Speech Recognition (ASR), enabling customers to interact with the system using their voice. This functionality enhances the overall user experience by providing a more intuitive and seamless interaction, further improving customer satisfaction levels.

Optichannel Contact Center software

Let Your Imagination Be Your Only Limitation

As customers increasingly seek quick and easy solutions, businesses that provide self-service options are better positioned to succeed, while those that do not may struggle to satisfy their customers. NGNCloudComm’s IVR solution enables businesses to create Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVA) that can be deployed across both voice and digital channels, delivering a more conversational and engaging self-service experience.

By leveraging the power of IVA, customers can interact with your business in a natural and intuitive manner, leading to higher satisfaction rates and improved brand loyalty. With NGNCloudComm’s self-service capabilities, businesses can stay ahead of the curve and meet the evolving needs of their customers.

Comprehensive intelligent IVR Features
NGNCloudComm Multi-tier Outbound Routing

Use it with Any Channel

Inbound/Outbound, agent-less, incoming data, Social Media and Chat IVR (i.e. automate payment or claims details)

NGNCloudComm Multi-tier Inbound Skills Based Routing

Consult/Update with External Sources

NGNCloudComm Virtual Queuing

Data dips and real time information delivery

Bots, Text-to-speech and Voice Recognition for data dips and real time information delivery

NGNCloudComm Scheduled Call Back


Seamless Integrations to customer database and 3rd party Data dips

NGNCloudComm Optichannel Contact Center Software

Real Time Campaign Reports

Manage your Outbound campaign with the confidence that all the needed data can be yours in real time

NGNCloudComm True Blended Interface

Sophisticated Caller ID management

Comprehensive Caller-ID management. Single, Multiple, Random selection, Geofencing, etc.

NGNCloudComm EngageNow

Abandon Rate Management

Set daily and campaign level abandon rates

NGNCloudComm Real Time Reports, Dashboards

Real Time Reports and Dashboards

Manage your Outbound campaign with the confidence that all the needed data can be yours in real time