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Intelligent Call Recording Storage for Contact Centers

At NGNCloudComm, the award winning cloud based inbound and outbound CCaaS solution from Grupo NGN, we understand the critical role that call recordings play in enhancing customer service, ensuring compliance, and driving operational excellence in contact centers. Unlike traditional contact center software that imposes arbitrary timeframes for deleting call recording files, NGNCloudComm’s Intelligent Call Recording Storage revolutionizes the industry by introducing a groundbreaking approach – recorded files are maintained based on available storage space rather than predetermined time constraints.

Why Intelligent Call Recording Storage Storage Space Matters

In conventional contact center solutions, call recording limitations are often set based on fixed timeframes, leading to potential data loss and restricted access to historical interactions. NGNCloudComm Intelligent Call Recording eliminates this constraint by prioritizing storage space over arbitrary time periods.

Unlimited Recording Capability: With NGNCloudComm, there’s no need to worry about missing out on crucial customer interactions due to storage or timeframe limitations. As long as there is available space, your contact center can record and retain an unlimited number of calls for as long as needed.

Flexible Retention Policies: Our platform allows you to set retention policies based on your specific needs and compliance requirements. You have the flexibility to determine how long recordings should be stored, ensuring adherence to industry regulations without sacrificing valuable data.

Call Storage for Contact Centers

Dynamic Storage Allocation

NGNCloudComm intelligently allocates storage resources based on usage patterns. High-priority recordings can be given precedence, ensuring that the most important recordings are preserved.

Efficient Archiving

Contact Centers can set up archiving system to ensure older recordings are seamlessly moved to secondary storage, freeing up space for new interactions. This automated process guarantees a continuous recording flow without manual intervention.


Real-time Monitoring

Keep track of your storage usage with real-time monitoring tools. Receive alerts when storage is reaching capacity, allowing you to take proactive measures to optimize and manage your data.


As your contact center grows, so does the need for recording capabilities. NGNCloudComm scales effortlessly, accommodating the evolving demands of your business without compromising on the quality and availability of recorded files.

The NGNCloudComm Advantage

Reliability: Say goodbye to the frustration of losing valuable customer interactions. NGNCloudComm’s storage-based recording ensures a reliable and consistent approach to call recording without arbitrary limitations.

Compliance: Meet regulatory requirements effortlessly by tailoring retention policies to align with industry standards. NGNCloudComm empowers you to stay compliant without compromising on operational efficiency.

Cost-effectiveness: By optimizing storage usage and automating archiving processes, NGNCloudComm helps you achieve cost savings. Pay for what you use, and scale your recording capabilities without unnecessary expenses.

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Experience the future of contact center software with NGNCloudComm. Say goodbye to restrictive recording timeframes and embrace a dynamic, storage-centric approach that puts you in control. Contact us today to learn more about how NGNCloudComm can transform your contact center’s recording capabilities.

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