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Agent Performance Case Studies from Grupo NGN

Agent Performance Case Studies from Grupo NGN

NGNCloudComm Insights

Insights are the performance and gamification dashboards for NGNCloudComm, the award winning and #1 rated CCaaS by G2. Here you will see real world results and calculated ROI for Contact Centers using NGNCloudComm Insights.

NGNCloudComm Insights customers include small businesses with as few as 10 agents to some of the largest BPO companies in the world with more than 100,000 agents. Agent Performance Case Studies from Grupo NGN include commission based outbound sales, inbound customer support, high end tech support, hospital billing and scheduling, and more. No matter the size or the specialty of your Contact Center, NGNCloudComm Insights can improve your agent performance.

Gamification from Grupo NGN is based on scientifically proven concepts to create open feedback loops between your agents and supervisors. This empowers your agents to self motivate and correct their behavior. Most Contact Centers see significant improvement in key areas of ROI within the first 60 to 90 days. NGNCloudComm Insights features ensure that improvement is maintained over the long term as well. Read more from our Agent Performance Case Studies from Grupo NGN. 

If you are interested in having a free analysis of how NGNCloudComm Insights could improve your agents performance and impact your Contact Centers ROI and CX fill out the form on this page.