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NGNInsights™ Provides AI Powered Analytics, Dashboards, and Gamification for Nice InContact™

Grupo NGN has enhanced  the NGNInsights™ integration with Nice InContact™ to the latest API version. This makes it simpler for Nice InContact™ users, regardless of the channels utilized, to add the AI powered analytics, dashboards, and gamification features provided by NGNInsights™. With this enhanced API integration, Nice InContact™ users can be up and running with NGNInsights™ in a matter of minutes.

NGNInsights™ Performance Improvement

Managers and supervisors have access to dashboards with real time and historical data with a simple visual User Interface (UI) that allows them to easily identify areas of improvement and specific agents that need additional training or support. Agents have the same real time and historical access to their own data that empowers and motivates them to improve performance. Recent NGNInsights™ case study results include:

  • 27 second reduction of handle time per agent per call for more than $1,080,000 in monthly savings for a top US auto club and insurance provider
  • Increase from 8.3 closed cases per day to 10.2 a 10X ROI for a major global BPO
  • Increase from 5.1% to more than 20% upsell rate for a US cable and internet provider for a 4X revenue increase
  • California Regional MLS agents improved their schedule adherence by more than 53%

Saving Money with NGNInsights™

NGNInsights™ saves Nice InContact users money by decreasing the time managers need to spend in creating and analyzing reports and allows them to spend more time in key activities that produce greater ROI for your Contact Center. Nice InContact™ agents using NGNInsights™ consistently show greater efficiency and success across key performance indicators.

In addition to performance dashboards and gamification, NGNInsights™ provides an internal chat system built specifically for Contact Centers. Agents can receive ‘broadcast messages’ that scroll across their screen and ensure that urgent and/or time sensitive information is put in front of agents without interrupting any calls. Nice InContact™ users with NGNInsights™ can control whether agents can chat with only their supervisors and no other agents, or chat with agents on their same team, or even chat with all other agents. Users are also able to control if agents are allowed to attach any files or screenshots with their chats and have access to search through all chat history. If you are paying for an internal employee chat system, NGNInsights™ will save you money on that cost while providing you with more features specific to the Contact Center industry.

AI Powered Analysis and Improvement

NGNInsights™ AI benchmark can analyze both historical and real time data to show you the areas of greatest possible improvement and ROI impact.

For a limited time, Grupo NGN is offering a free AI analysis of Nice InContact™ user data.

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