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Contact Center Bill of Rights

On December 15, 1791, three-fourths of the existing US State legislatures ratified the first 10 Amendments of the Constitution—the Bill of Rights. These 10 amendments outlined key rights and protections of US citizens from the federal government. For more than 200 years the Bill of

Rights has served as a model for government reform around the world.

To celebrate, here are a list of 10 Contact Center Customer rights that Grupo NGN believes in and models our business around

1 The right to see your performance results in real time

Agents and supervisors should have real time access to their performance. When employees know how they are performing in real time, they are empowered to do their best work.

NGNCloudComm displays historical and real time results to both agents and management and its built-in gamification features drive real results. Here are some examples:

Reduction in Average Handle Time of 27 seconds for a top US auto insurance company that saved the company more than $1,080,000 per month

A top global BPO company increased support cases handled per day from 8.37 to 10.15 a 9X ROI

An Internet and Cable TV provider increased their upsell rate from 5.1% to 21% a 4X revenue increase


California Regional MLS improved their schedule adherence by 53%

2 The right to data security

DDoS attacks, hackers taking control of servers and demanding cryptocurrency payments, identity theft concerns are just a few examples of data security issues faced by Contact Centers today. NGNCloudComm runs as a Multi-Instance product, not Multi-Tenant.

What does that mean to you? Your instance of NGNCloudComm is run on your dedicated cloud instance, so your data, your access paths and controls are unique to you: we have a logical and physical separation from customer to customer. This gives your system and your data the highest possible amount of security. In the unfortunate event that any single NGNCloudComm customer is affected by any attack, no other customer is affected. When a multi-tenant CCaaS provider suffers any attack, all customers are affected, and every single customer’s data is at risk.

3 The right to switch between communication channels (Optichannel)

NGNCloudComm is the 2022 Customer TMC Labs Innovation Award winning CCaaS. Not only do we continuously provide new and innovative features into our software but also because of our ability to be first to the market with new features. Optichannel is one of the latest example of features NGNCloudComm introduced to our Contact Center customers. Optichannel means the ability to use multiple channels within the same agent and customer interaction. Lets review some practical examples:

Using text messages during a voice call

A text message may be sent from the agent to the customer as a form of 2FA (two factor authentication) or to send a URL link to a form to be filled out or to send the customer to read specific information.  Customers may send text messages directly to the agent they are speaking with to provide for confirm specific information saving the time and possible error of giving those details over the phone and having the agent type them.

Switching between Phone and Webchat

Webchat has become a powerful option for customer service but sometimes you just need to be able to talk rather than chat with the person on the other end of the conversation to clarify your point. Optichannel brings the best of both worlds. Start an interaction over the phone and instead of having the customer wait on the phone while the agent finishes processing forms or getting manager approvals, move the conversation to a webchat opening up the customer from having to be tied to the phone and then providing the customer with the final approvals and details. Conversely there are times when a bit more clarity or explanation is needed than can be provided within a webchat. No problem – start a phone call with the agent in the webchat to clarify your point and then go back to finish the interaction in the webchat.

4 The right to adapt to any new or changing laws

One Grupo NGN customer was told by their CCaaS provider that if they were concerned about legal risks they should stop calling Florida numbers because this CCaaS did not have any options to be compliant with the new TCPA laws put in place by Florida. Can you believe that?

NGNCloudComm’s unique ability to develop custom and complex business rules allowed us to quickly adapt settings to ensure our customers were able to be in compliance with Florida’s new laws. NGNCloudComm will automatically recognize Florida phone numbers and process them accordingly to the new business rule to ensure compliance while at the same time not affect the other outbound calls.

5 The right to automated scheduled callbacks at a specific point in time

How do agents in your Contact Center handle when a customer needs to be called back at a specific date/time? Do they have to write down the specific time and keep track of it on their own, risking that they may forget to call at the right time and revenue is lost to not completing a sale or a support ticket? Does the agent have to log out of one system and queue to then log into another system or use their own phone to manually dial the customer? These stories are all too common.

NGNCloudComm provides a fully automated in-time scheduled callback system that ensures customers are called back at the exact date and exact time they request. Managers and/or Agents (permissions based) can specify whether the callback can be handled by any available agent or if the callback needs to be assigned to the specific agent who handled the original interaction. NGNCloudComm then tracks the time and ensures that the correct agent gets the interaction on time.

6 The right to have your calls connected without “Spam Likely”

We have been talking with several Contact Centers that are struggling with their connection and contact rates due to their calls showing up as “Spam Likely” on customer Caller ID screens or even worse the calls being marked as Spam and not connecting.

With NGNCloudComm all your DIDs are monitored in real time and if any DID comes back as being marked as spam or displaying “Spam Likely” that DID is automatically removed from usage so it can be cleaned automatically and/or replaced with a new DID.

7 The right to blended agents

In today’s world, agents need to be as efficient as possible as Contact Centers look for ways to be profitable. It should be simple for agents to work across multiple channels including phone, email, chat, text, WhatsApp, and social media pages from a single platform.  Multiple platforms not only increase Agent Unavailable time but also decreases Agent billable time making them less effective. What do you do if your inbound agents are having a slow day? Instead of just having them sit there, why not use them to automatically do outbound calls while there is no inbound traffic? Or use them to answer the chat business line?

8 The right to simple and transparent pricing

Grupo NGN products come with straight forward pricing for monthly concurrent users and we do not hide or bury additional fees.

We save customers money by reducing the number of systems they need to pay for because NGNCloudComm is able to handle both inbound and outbound voice channels as well as providing omnichannel capabilities with text, email, chat, WhatsApp, and social media pages. Read here to see how we saved a BPO more than $2 million in license fees by converting separate inbound and outbound CCaaS systems into a single NGNCloudComm instance.  

9 The right to free upgrades throughout your contract

Grupo NGN customers receive ALL upgrades and new features during their contract at no additional cost. We strive to follow an Agile release methodology and we plan for 4-6 week releases of new/updated features. Recent updates include:

WhatsApp support

Optichannel support – the ability to use multiple channels at the same time or to switch between channels. Examples include sending a text message while on a webchat or a voice call or moving from a voice call to a webchat as needed

Inform our customers on how to configure support for new emerging Federal and State legislation (like Florida’s new TCPA law) – NGNCloudComm customers have been ready for any new state legislation prior to laws going into effect including Florida, New York, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri and more


10 The right to “Let Your Imagination be Your Only Limitation”

At Grupo NGN we take pride in not having to tell our customers “NO”. If you can imagine it, NGNCloudComm can do it. Check out our reviews at G2 to see how the only thing our customers love more than our products is our service and support.

To find out more about the Contact Center rights, please contact us.



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