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Use Multiple Channels Simultaneously with NGNCloudComm

Empower Your Agents with Simultaneous Channel Contact Center Software

Customers expect support through a multitude of channels, from traditional phone calls to chat, email, and social media. NGNCloudComm, our cutting-edge contact center software, not only facilitates these communication channels but also enhances agent performance by allowing them to seamlessly support multiple channels simultaneously while assisting the same customer.

Multichannel Switching with NGNCloudComm

Simultaneous Channel Contact Center with NGNCloudComm

Multichannel support is a feature of NGNCloudComm that enables contact center agents to use multiple communication channels simultaneously while maintaining the context of the customer interaction. Whether a customer starts a conversation on social media, continues on chat, or adds a phone call, NGNCloudComm empowers your agents to deliver consistent, efficient, and a personalized Customer Experience.

Chat and Voice

Chat interactions allow for sales and support with asynchronous communication through typing. However, there may be a number of reasons a customer may want or need to get on a voice call in place of or in addition to chatting. With NGNCloudComm customers can make a web audio call (with video and desktop sharing support) or dial a number to connect directly with the agent handling the chat.

Voice and Chat

A popular use case is a sales call or a support call where after working through a script and filling out required information, agents need some time to process data and then give their customer a confirmation link or number. With NGNCloudComm multichannel, Contact Centers have the option of adding a chat session to the voice call. This means customers don’t have to sit on hold on their phone and receive a copy of their confirmation details without having to write them down. The customer can choose to stay on hold or hang up the phone leaving the chat session open. This increases first call resolution and overall customer satisfaction.

Any Channel With Any Channel

Note that NGNCloudComm multichannel functionality is NOT simply the ability to switch from one channel to another. As needed, multiple channels are used simultaneously. When voice is added to a chat – the chat does not close. From any channel, agents can add any other channel including sending and receiving text messages or emails or chats or social media messages or WhatsApp messages or a phone call or a video call with the customer.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Agents can resolve customer inquiries more efficiently by using the most appropriate channel at any given moment.

Customers no longer need to repeat their concerns as agents have access to the entire conversation history.

Data-Driven Insights

NGNCloudComm offers comprehensive reporting and analytics, allowing you to gain valuable insights into channel performance, agent efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Optimized Agent Productivity

Agents can handle multiple channels simultaneously with each Customer Experience.

This increases customer satisfaction and first call resolution. 

Seamless Collaboration

Agents can collaborate more effectively with colleagues, supervisors, and subject matter experts to resolve complex issues by sharing real-time conversation histories.

How NGNCloudComm Works

NGNCloudComm is designed with the user in mind. When a customer initiates contact, our software automatically captures the interaction’s context. As the conversation progresses, agents can effortlessly switch between channels, view the entire conversation history, and continue providing consistent and personalized support.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Contact Center

NGNCloudComm’s simultaneous multichannel capability is just one of the many features that make our software a powerhouse for modern contact centers. Elevate your customer service experience, empower your agents, and unlock the full potential of your contact center with NGNCloudComm.

To find out more about this and how it can impact your operation, please contact us.


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