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AI Outbound Call Center CapabilitiesReach Customers more effectively

AI Outbound Call Center Capabilities go beyond simply uploading contact numbers into an outbound dialer software. Outbound dialing without AI is not sufficient to be successful. Customers nowadays demand engagement that is personalized, contextual, and delivered in a timely manner. NGNCloudComm, a #1 rated CCaaS by G2, offers intelligent tools that can help businesses make the most of their outbound campaigns and improve their overall performance. By using NGNCloudComm, you can provide your customers with the right information at the right time through the right channel, which not only reduces call volume but also improves key business metrics. Additionally, by leveraging our Optichannel Contact Center solution, campaigns can be managed from a single platform, leading to improvements in revenue, customer loyalty, and agent productivity.

Enhance customer engagements through AI Outbound Call Center Capabilities  To Deliver Exceptional Results

Intelligent Outbound Management

NGNCloudComm offers a comprehensive AI Outbound Call Center Capabilities solution for outbound campaign management that allows businesses to set and forget their campaigns with ease. With our user-friendly interface, configuring goals for your campaigns is simple and straightforward, enabling you to specify your desired outcomes without the need for extensive technical knowledge. Once your goals have been set, our advanced AI engine takes over, managing the dialing process to ensure optimal results. This frees up management staff to focus on attending to the day-to-day operations of the business, while still maintaining full control over campaign performance. Moreover, our system provides comprehensive real-time reporting and analysis, allowing businesses to track campaign progress and adjust their goals as necessary. With NGNCloudComm, businesses can enjoy a hands-free approach to outbound campaign management, allowing them to focus on their core competencies and improve overall productivity.

NGNCloudComm Intelligent Inbound IVR

Empower Your Team

NGNCloudComm offers a highly efficient management system that allows authorized managers and supervisors to control operations in real-time, eliminating the need to involve the IT department. With the software’s comprehensive permission settings, businesses can grant the necessary access to relevant personnel and ensure optimal productivity. Moreover, the software includes a powerful What-If scenario feature that enables users to explore different options and make informed decisions before committing to a plan. This functionality allows businesses to experiment with lead selection, their order, and even call behavior with ease, thereby maximizing the efficiency of outbound campaigns. With just a click of a mouse, authorized personnel can quickly make changes, improving the responsiveness and flexibility of the organization. In this way, NGNCloudComm offers businesses a highly professional and comprehensive solution for managing their outbound campaigns.

NGNCloudComm Intelligent

AI Outbound Call Center Capabilities

NGNCloudComm has been at the forefront of AI outbound dialing technology since its inception in 1995. To ensure exceptional results for our clients, we offer a comprehensive range of algorithms that can be employed to meet their specific needs. Our AI Outbound Call Center Capabilities algorithm utilizes advanced machine learning techniques to optimize outbound dialing, while our traditional predictive outbound algorithm offers a proven method for maximizing agent productivity. Additionally, we offer an interruptible preview dialing option, with the choice of automatic or manual dialing, as well as a progressive dialing algorithm that delivers seamless and efficient call connections. Our intelligent agentless (Full Blast) algorithm provides a reliable solution for high-volume dialing, while our manual dialing feature provides users with complete control and flexibility over their outbound campaigns. Finally, we offer our unique skills-based outbound algorithm, which provides businesses with a powerful tool for targeting specific leads and optimizing campaign performance. Through our range of advanced algorithms, NGNCloudComm delivers exceptional results and unparalleled value to businesses seeking to improve their outbound campaigns.

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Intuitive Operations

NGNCloudComm is an innovative and user-friendly cloud-based contact center solution designed to streamline and simplify business operations. The software was meticulously crafted with the average user in mind, making it incredibly easy for non-technical users to make changes and configure the system according to their needs. With its intuitive interface, agents and supervisors can seamlessly navigate the software and leverage its capabilities without requiring extensive training or technical expertise. The user-friendly nature of NGNCloudComm is a testament to its commitment to providing businesses with a contact center solution that is tailored to their unique requirements. By offering an easy-to-use and adaptable system, NGNCloudComm is a valuable asset for businesses seeking to optimize their contact center operations while improving overall productivity and customer satisfaction.

NGNCloudComm Intelligent

Patented Algorithms

NGNCloudComm is a cutting-edge software solution that offers an exceptional patented outbound predictive dialer. This feature is designed to not only leverage voice calls, but also an extensive range of optichannel interactions for outbound reach. With this functionality, businesses can now reach out to customers through SMS, emails, and social media platforms, among other channels. By using this diversified approach, companies can engage with customers on their preferred communication platforms, increasing their satisfaction and loyalty. Additionally, NGNCloudComm is built to be 100% compliant with all relevant regulations, ensuring that businesses can maintain their legal and ethical standards while optimizing their outbound reach. This combination of versatility and compliance makes NGNCloudComm the ideal solution for businesses looking to enhance their outbound communications and boost customer satisfaction.

Optichannel Contact Center software

Advanced AI Outbound Call Center Capabilities and Features

The outbound feature of NGNCloudComm is a comprehensive solution that includes a wide range of advanced functionalities. The software utilizes A.I. predictive algorithms to optimize the dialing process and improve overall efficiency. Additionally, the software offers preview dialing, skills-based outbound, manual mode, and full blast options, providing businesses with complete control over their outbound campaigns. The system also includes automatic spam control features that comply with the regulations in the USA, ensuring that businesses maintain their ethical standards. Furthermore, NGNCloudComm’s real-time list management allows for multiple record selection and suppression, while the manual mode dialing feature includes customizable controls for improved flexibility. The software also offers quick campaign creation and abandonment rate management, including the ability to set daily and campaign-level abandon rates. Real-time spam control is available, allowing for the automatic removal and cleaning of suspect numbers, while unique campaign-level caller IDs and agent scripts can be set for improved campaign management. Additionally, at-a-glance list inventory reporting and the ability to combine campaigns maximize the effectiveness of the outbound feature. Overall, NGNCloudComm provides businesses with a complete and customizable solution for managing their outbound campaigns.

Comprehensive AI Outbound Call Center Capabilities
NGNCloudComm Multi-tier Inbound Routing

Campaign Control

Allow authorized managers and supervisors to control operations in real-time, eliminating the need to involve the IT department.

NGNCloudComm Virtual Queueing

Automatic SPAM Control (USA)

Remove and Clean Automatically Suspect Numbers

NGNCloudComm Scheduled Call Backs

Scheduled Call Backs

Empower your team to reach customers at the EXACT time and date requested by your customers. No more missed or forgotten call backs

NGNCloudComm Real Time Reports and Dashboards

Real Time Reports and Dashboards

Manage your Outbound campaign with the confidence that all the needed data can be yours in real time

NGNCloudComm Skills Based Routing for Voice, Chat, Data, Email, SMS, etc.

Patented Outbound Algorithms

A.I. Predictive Algorithms - Preview Dialing - Skills-Based Outbound - Manual Dial Mode - Full Blast (agentless)

NGNCloudComm True optichannel call center software

Real Time Campaign Reports

Manage your Outbound campaign with the confidence that all the needed data can be yours in real time

NGNCloudComm True Blended Platform - All Channels = One Interface

Sophisticated Caller ID management

Comprehensive Caller-ID management. Single, Multiple, Random selection, Geofencing, etc.

NGNCloudComm EngageNow Innovative New Interaction

Abandon Rate Management

Set daily and campaign level abandon rates

Call Center Inbound Features