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Agent Performance, Chat and Gamification

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NGNCloudComm Insights is revolutionizing contact center operations by leveraging the power of gamification to motivate and empower agents and supervisors. In today’s dynamic contact center environment, where technology, communication channels, and a diverse workforce are constantly evolving, gamification is essential for attracting and retaining talent, as well as ensuring optimal efficiency and return on investment (ROI).

Results Oriented Platform

Improvement From Applied Gamification

At the core of NGNCloudComm Insights’ success is its ability to provide real-time performance insights in an easily digestible format. Our innovative “Insights Designer” empowers contact centers to customize their performance tiles by selecting specific key performance indicators (KPIs) and objectives and key results (OKRs) to track.

Open Feedback Loop

Agents and Management on the Same Page

By creating a shared view of the same performance tile for agents and supervisors, NGNCloudComm Insights establishes an open feedback loop that fosters trust and empowerment. High-performing agents, represented by all green indicators on their tiles, not only witness their own accomplishments but also recognize that their team leaders, managers, and supervisors acknowledge their success. Agents who may be struggling can identify areas of improvement in real time, indicated by yellow and red insights on their tiles. This visibility motivates them to enhance their performance and behavior even before their supervisor or team leader intervenes.


Agent Tile

Consistent Real Time Data Access

Agents are equipped with their personalized “Tile,” which dynamically tracks their performance across the chosen KPIs and OKRs. This tile is prominently displayed on their desktop, updating in real time throughout their shifts.

Case Studies

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Gamification, when applied strategically, goes beyond being a mere buzzword. It entails leveraging proven game theory elements to enhance performance in non-game scenarios. NGNCloudComm Insights has consistently improved contact center performance, as evidenced by our compelling case studies. 


Internal Chat

Chat Built Specifically for Contact Centers

Contact Centers have specific regulatory and practical needs when it comes to internal chat systems. NGNCloudComm Insights has developed an internal chat system with those needs in mind. From the broadcast message system that scrolls messages across an agents screen without interupping their work to total control over who agents have access to chat with. With state based data, Contact Centers can control when agents have access to chat rooms like a break time only chat room or a training chat room only accessible when agents are in the correct state.

Supervisor View

Immediate Visual Analysis

Supervisors gain access to all the tiles of their agents, enabling them to gain an immediate overview of their team’s overall performance. With just a few clicks, supervisors can drill down into individual agent tiles, quickly identifying those who may require attention. Instead of sifting through hours of spreadsheet data, supervisors can now allocate their time to engage with agents who need their support the most.


Simple Data Connections

Combine Data From Multiple Sources

NGNCloudComm Insights seamlessly integrates with various CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) platforms, as well as major customer relationship management (CRM), workforce management (WFM), and business intelligence (BI) products. Data can be connected to NGNCloudComm Insights through API calls, where available, or through exported CSV files, which are automatically sent to our secure SFTP servers.

Get Started With a Data Analysis Today

Embark on your NGNCloudComm Insights journey today by signing up for a data analysis. Access to up to 180 days’ worth of KPI and OKR data and let us build you a custom tile. Our advanced AI benchmarking capabilities will analyze your data and identify areas for improvement, empowering your contact center to drive enhanced ROI.