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NGNInsights Complimentary Analysis and Money Back-Guarantee

Take this opportunity and empower your operation with the best performance, chat, and gamification platform on the market.

NGNInsights from Grupo NGN is an agent performance, chat, and gamification platform developed by a team including data analysts, video game designers, and more than 100 years of combined Contact Center experience. NGNInsights utilizes simple visual benchmarks to motivate agent behavior and to streamline the process of supervisor review.

Turn this...

NGNInsisghts Free Agent Performance Analysis

into this!

Visual overview of your entire Contact Center's performance

Multiple detailed views for each agent

AI Analysis to identify key areas of improvement

How it works

Grupo NGN’s team will provide you with a detailed analysis of your agent’s performance against your expected benchmarks as well as running AI powered machine learning analysis to determine where the most profitable and impactful improvements can be made.

All of this is offered to you at no cost and no commitment!

Who are your best agents?

How many agents are hitting your company’s minimum standards?

What areas would bring your Contact Center the highest return of investment?

Identify your “Insights” or KPIs and build your NGNInsights tile

Some Contact Centers know right away what KPIs they want to track with our system. Others need some time to really consider what data is most important. No matter where you fall on that scale we are here to help you.

Set your performance benchmarks

For each KPI on your tile determine what is Green, Yellow and Red. Once set we will run all the data you provide in your csv file against these benchmarks to show you, agent by agent, how your Contact Center is performing. Unsure of where to set certain benchmarks? No problem, use our AI benchmark feature to have machine learning analyze the data and dynamically set benchmarks or compare the AI benchmarks with your own.

Upload a single file with the historical data for analysis

With your tile built and benchmarks set all you need is to provide us with a file that has the data for each agent and each day you would like to have analyzed.

To take advantage of this offer and to get your complimentary data analysis please fill out the form below

NGNInsights 60 days Guarantee Usage

Move forward with a 60 day money back guarantee

After reviewing the results of your Complimentary Analysis, deploying NGNInsights is proven to give your Contact Center real results. We are so confident in the ROI NGNInsights will provide you that we are backing it up with a money back guarantee.

If you don’t see the expected improvement in your first 60 days* – we will give you your money back.

We will work together to determine expected results based on your data analysis

If you don’t see the expected improvement in your first 60 days – we will give you your money back

Day 1 Day 60

Real Results from Real Customers using NGNInsights