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Real Time Transcription Supercharges Your Contact Center

Do you need your near-shore agents to be more effective understanding and helping English speaking customers?

Would you like to decrease the time it takes your teams to do QA or success verifications of calls by over 90%?

Are you ready to try Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (MLAI) but not sure where to start or if it will help your contact center or if it is just expensive hype?

Real Time Transcription for Contact Center

Using Real Time Transcription supercharges your Contact Center.  NGNCloudComm, the award winning cloud based inbound and outbound CCaaS solution from Grupo NGN, now provides real time transcription. This opens the door to let customers’ imagination be their only limitation when it comes to improving their contact center Total Experience TX.

Supercharge the Agent Experience and Customer Experience with Near-Shore Agents

Near-Shore Agents provide significant cost savings while also working from similar time zones and similar cultural affinities. This gives a Contact Center the ability to decrease costs without the difficulties faced with Off-Shore Agents. However, Near-Shore and Off-Shore Agents still may struggle with English as their second language and this is where Real Time Transcriptions from NGNCloudComm can help. With Real Time Transcriptions, Agents can read what the customer is saying at the same time they are listening to the customer. This leads to a significant increase in retention and comprehension which leads to a much better Total Experience for both the Agent and the Customer.

Reading captions while listening can improve comprehension because it helps map content between sound, meaning, and text. This can help non-native speakers with greater depth of understanding. In fact, according to a study with Oregon State University, 98.6% of users reported that they find captions “very” or “extremely” helpful.

This means that not only can have the financial savings, time, and cultural advantages of using Near-Shore Agents but with NGNCloudComm and Real time Transcription these agents can provide a superior level of Customer Support with decreased handle time, and increased CSAT scores.

Real Time Transcription from NGNCloudComm

Supercharge your QA and Verification Processes by Decreasing Them by More than 90%

Not every Contact Center is ready to trust a fully 100% automated QA and/or Verification process. MLAI for the Contact Center is still in early stages and can be cost prohibitive to most Contact Centers while still being unproven. But Real Time Transcripts can decrease the time it takes the QA and Verification teams you already have in place by more than 90%.

To manually QA a support call or to Verify a sales call, Supervisors or Managers most often pull up and listen to call recordings. It takes 3-5 times the average handle to time to listen to a recorded call and pause to take notes or process scores, and then listen again until the process is completed. If we use an average handle time of 10 minutes per call that needs to be put through a QA or Verification process this means 30 to 50 minutes per call. A good QA resource might be able to complete 8-12 calls per day.

Using a transcript of the call with key word searches can take that 30 to 50 minute per call requirement down to as little as 5 minutes per call. Now a good QA resource is completing 8-12 calls per hour! And this isn’t even implementing any MLAI. Grupo NGN is working on an integrated MLAI feature to automatically produce summarized and QA scored calls using our call transcripts.

Supercharge Your Contact Center with Practical, Proven, Cost Effective Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Contact Centers don’t want to be left behind their competition and need ways to cut costs and increase profit margins in today’s business world. Not implementing new technologies is not an option. But how do you know what Contact Center MLAI is proven and going to be worth the time and money? Grupo NGN has been using Artificial Intelligence in its software since 1995 so we are familiar with how to use MLAI in ways proven to help Contact Centers.

An example of how NGNCloudComm and its Real Time Transcription uses MLAI today is real time translation. Our AI automatically recognizes when a customer is using a foreign language and will transcribe their language (for example, Spanish, French, Portuguese, etc.)  into the agents target language (usually English). So, the Agent can fully understand the customer by reading the real-time translation. Then the AI will transcribe the agent’s English into the customers language and play what the agent is saying in a clear automated voice. The customer will hear both the agents English and then hear the translation in the automated voice.  Real Time Transcription with Translation and all the features NGNCloudComm has to offer are best experienced with a live product demonstration. Reach out to us to set up a demo anytime.

Real Time Live Transcription

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