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Total Experience

Last week we introduced the concept of Total Experience (TX) as a means to achieve excellent Customer Experience (CX).

This is the first entry in a new series in which we are going to delve into the concept of Total Experience (TX). We welcome comments and dialog about the subject, so we can expand the concept and help our industry soar through these times where Customer Experience (CX) has become a panacea we all seek but seems elusive.

I want to start by reminding you what makes up Total Experience:

CX takes on different definitions depending on the perspective and motivation of who is using the term. Generally, the concept of Customer Experience is accepted to mean how a company or business engages with customers at each point of the buying process. Within the Contact Center arena CX has taken on a more specific meaning relating to providing multiple channels for purchasing and customer service.

Based on our experience with thousands of customers, we started to realize that achieving those elusive high marks on Customer Experience (CX) required a lot more than just using CCaaS systems with bots, Opti/Multi Channel, etc… It seems that we continue to ignore something fundamentally important: the human factor.

Like the phrase coined by the roman poet Decimus Junius Juvenalis (Juvenal: circa 100AD) “Mens sana in corpore sano” (“A sound mind in a sound body”). It stands for the ideal of versatility. A person is only healthy when he is occupied both intellectually and physically. While there are limited actions we can take to ensure that our employees move towards or maintain a healthy body, there are many things that we can do to achieve the healthy mental state.

In this first issue, we are going to discuss how Manager Experience (MX) and Agent Experience (AX) fits into Total Experience (TX)

Our employees’ lives are already difficult. We take for granted the struggles they must overcome on a daily basis while at the same time they have to deal with customers and keep them happy.

Take a Supervisor/Manager for example. It’s on their shoulders to enforce your business rules, while maintaining production, training, etc. In order to achieve this, they must go through a ton of reports, charts, analysis, etc. just to see where they are… By the time they arrive at that destination, the mile marker has moved past them, so they have to start again, creating a never-ending cycle. We know how frustrating this is for many Contact Centers. At Grupo NGN we see this trend every day, so we created NGNInsights to enhance Total Experience.

NGNInsights is a performance and gamification system with dashboards that increases the Manager Experience (MX) by saving managers incredible amounts of time. With access to real time dashboards, they can focus in seconds on who/what needs their attention the most! They are allowed to spend time doing what matters most, helping their agents, and are not bogged down  running/interpreting reports/data.

At the same time, Agents can also be in control of their environment in real time. This also increases the Agent Experience (AX). An interesting effect is that by empowering Agents they become self-motivated and in control of their performance. The NGNInsights tile creates an open feedback loop as agents and managers view the same data in real time.


A BPO client providing sales and support for a national cable TV and internet provider had an interesting problem: They have an upsell product that they were trying to sell to existing customers because  it provides an ample margin. Our customer was only able to upsell the product in 5% of their calls. No matter what supervisors/managers tried had any effect on increasing the upsell percentage. After consulting with us we asked them, why not show the upsell data in real time to the agents and let the agents know how the upsell percentage affects their bonuses? Upon adding the Upsell KPI and bonus data to the NGNInsights tile, our customer saw a significant increase in upsell rate moving from an average of just over 5% to over 22.5% in the first month alone!

This increase came without any training, script changes, or extra spiffs from the cable TV client. Because this BPO had already developed a strong Management Experience (MX) and Agent Experience (AX) the impressive CX change was able to happen so quickly from a small adjustment and achieve a more than 400% increase from the original 5% average.

Many software companies only focus on one aspect of Total Experience to achieve great Customer Experience (CX), but at Grupo NGN we strongly believe that it takes the combined efforts of a great team, as well as software design to help not only the customer, but also your most important asset: your employees.

Our next issue we will expose some more of these complex issues.



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