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Discover the Power of Optichannel with NGNCloudComm: Experience It Today!

Optichannel from NGNCloudComm, a #1 rated CCaas by G2, now supports functionality allowing customers to engage with the same agent across multiple channels at the same time. Optichannel also allows customers and agents to switch between channels within the same interaction!

See our videos below for examples of how optichannel can be used.

YouTube video

Optichannel Voice Call and WebChat

Switch between a webchat and a phone call

YouTube video

Optichannel Voice Call and Text Message

Allow your agent to send and receive text messages while remaining on the phone with the customer

Optichannel concept

More Optichannel Examples Coming Soon!

To find out more about this feature and the benefits of Optichannel and how it can impact your ROI, please contact us.


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