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Keyword Search for Optichannel Transcripts and Recordings

Unlock the power of information with NGNCloudComm, the award winning cloud based inbound and outbound CCaaS solution from Grupo NGN, using advanced Keyword Search functionality. Our platform empowers you to delve deep into call and chat transcripts, as well as recordings, enabling quick and efficient retrieval of relevant information to drive actionable insights and enhance customer interactions.

Keyword Search

Streamlined Information Retrieval

Say goodbye to manual searching and hours spent sifting through transcripts and recordings. NGNCloudComm’s Keyword Search feature allows you to effortlessly locate specific keywords or phrases within call and chat transcripts and recordings. Instantly access valuable data to address customer inquiries, identify trends, and make informed business decisions.

Key Benefits

Comprehensive Transcript Analysis

Gain unparalleled visibility into customer interactions with NGNCloudComm’s Keyword Search. Analyze call and chat transcripts to uncover customer preferences, pain points, and sentiment. By identifying common keywords and phrases, you can optimize agent training, refine scripts, and enhance service delivery to meet evolving customer needs.


Customizable Search Parameters

Tailor your search criteria to suit your specific requirements with NGNCloudComm’s customizable search parameters. Filter results based on date ranges, interaction channel, or agent to narrow your search and pinpoint relevant information efficiently. With these powerful search options, you have the flexibility to focus on what matters most to your business.

Actionable Insights at Your Fingertips

NGNCloudComm’s Keyword Search isn’t just about finding information—it’s about turning data into actionable insights. Whether you’re monitoring customer feedback, tracking campaign performance, or investigating compliance issues, our platform provides the tools you need to extract meaningful insights and drive strategic decision-making.

Enhanced Compliance and Quality Assurance

Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and maintain quality standards with NGNCloudComm’s Keyword Search feature. Easily identify conversations containing sensitive information or compliance-related keywords, enabling proactive risk management and adherence to industry regulations.

Enabled keyword search for call and chat transcripts in recordings report

Call and chat transcripts are being full text indexed and are searchable from the recordings report.

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Experience the power of NGNCloudComm’s Keyword Search and unlock the full potential of your call and chat transcripts and recordings. Contact us today to schedule a demo and discover how our platform can revolutionize your information retrieval processes and drive business success.

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