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Grupo NGN and Pipkins Join Forces to Deliver Next-Generation CCaaS with WFM Solution

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Grupo NGN, a leading provider of Omnichannel Contact Center Cloud solutions, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Pipkins, an industry-leading workforce management (WFM) provider. This partnership brings together the extensive expertise of both companies to offer customers a comprehensive suite of integrated solutions for seamless omnichannel contact center operations.

As part of this collaboration, Pipkins has selected NGNCloudComm, Grupo NGN’s cutting-edge Omnichannel Contact Center cloud platform, as the preferred solution for their own contact center operations. This decision reflects the unrivaled capabilities and proven performance of NGNCloudComm, which aligns perfectly with Pipkins’ commitment to delivering best-in-class workforce management solutions.

We are not only excited to partner with Grupo NGN to provide a full CCaaS solution with our WFM platform, but we have chosen NGNCloudComm as the platform for our own agents to use. The unique Optichannel features offered by NGNCloudComm made it an easy choice and we have seen firsthand the level of customer and partner support the team at Grupo NGN provides.

James Pipkins

President with Pipkins

We are excited to partner with Pipkins, a renowned name in the WFM industry, to offer a comprehensive solution that combines the power of NGNCloudComm and Pipkins’ industry leading WFM software,

Javier Limones

CEO at Grupo NGN

NGNCloudComm provides a robust, scalable, and feature-rich cloud Omnichannel Contact Center platform that enables contact centers to enhance their customer engagement strategies. By integrating Pipkins’ state-of-the-art WFM software with NGNCloudComm, organizations gain access to a unified solution that optimizes workforce efficiency, improves agent productivity, and ultimately enhances the customer experience.

By leveraging the integrated NGNCloudComm and Pipkins solution, contact center operators can streamline their operations, align staffing with demand, and optimize resource allocation. The result is improved agent scheduling, enhanced adherence to service level agreements, and increased customer satisfaction.

The partnership between Grupo NGN and Pipkins reinforces their shared commitment to driving innovation and empowering contact centers with cutting-edge technologies. With this collaboration, both companies are primed to address the evolving needs of the industry and provide customers with a transformative, future-ready solution.

About Grupo NGN

Grupo NGN is a leading provider of Omnichannel Contact Center cloud solutions that enable businesses to connect, collaborate, and engage with their customers seamlessly. With a focus on innovation and customer-centricity, Grupo NGN empowers organizations to deliver exceptional customer experiences while driving operational efficiency.

About Pipkins

Pipkins is a renowned provider of advanced workforce management solutions that optimize contact center operations. With 40 years of industry experience, Pipkins’ state-of-the-art software empowers organizations to effectively manage their workforce, streamline scheduling processes, and improve overall performance. For more information, please visit