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Grupo NGN

About Grupo NGN

Your Technology Partner, let Your Imagination Be Your ONLY Limitation

Thank for your interest about Grupo NGN. We have a long path since it’s inception in 1987 and the First Version (ASD softswitch) came out in 1995. At that time, we already designed an Omnichannel AI powered Call Center software. Today NGNCloudComm is a #1 G2 rated CCaaS and the first platform with Optichannel functionality.

You may have known us under other names like EnSERcle (white label to EIS/SER) or OpenScape Contact Center CD after we were acquired by Siemens  Enterprise Networks (Unify/Atos) in 2009.

Grupo NGN was born as a continuation of SCS in 2014 and reacquired its rights to the software in Dec 2018. Since then, we continue to improve and enhance our offering to the market.

We are not just a vendor selling software. We are a technology partner committed to our customers’ long-term success. To that end, we have designed our software to adapt to the customer’s needs, we don’t expect customers to adapt to our products and our customers do not require programming knowledge.

Grupo NGN, Highest Customer Service Satisfaction marks
We pride ourselves for providing a 5-Star Customer Service and Support. Talk to us and see why!

Optichannel NGNCloudComm Feature


New NGNCloudComm Features

NGNCloudComm - Complete Contact Center Management

NGNCloudComm Agent Station Monitoring


Jan 2019

Grupo NGN Reacquires Solution

Renamed to NGNCloudComm


Grupo NGN is Born

Grupo NGN. Powerful AI Contact Center Solutions.


SEN becomes Unify

Unify with Grupo NGN


Open Scape Contact Center CD

Solution renamed


Siemens Acquires SCS

Siemens with Grupo NGN
Siemens Enterprise Networks Aquires SCS


SER/EIS White Label

SER with Grupo NGN The Gores Group with Grupo NGN
SER/EIS with The Gores Group launches EnSERcle: a white-label brand of ASD Softswitch


First Award

NGNCloudComm CT Labs award
CT Labs Labels “Rock Solid” to ASD Softswitch


ASD Softswitch

SCS original Grupo NGN
Initial Release of the OmniChannel AI powered Contact Center Solution


SCS is Born

SCS original Grupo NGN
Foundation of SCS