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NGNCloudComm - Complete Omnichannel Contact Center software

Get the INTELLIGENT Optichannel & Omnichannel Contact Center Software experience with NGNCloudComm

NGNCloudComm is a complete Omnichannel Contact Center platform allowing Contact Centers to use a single platform for inbound AND outbound audio, chat, email, text messaging, video and more. Why spend time, effort, and additional money on multiple products when NGNCloudComm can do the same thing at no additional cost?

It would take pages to list all the features and capabilities of NGNCloudComm, but here is a short list of some key functionalities we want to make sure you are aware of:

Single Platform for All Channels

Agents login from any internet connected machine and have access to inbound and outbound queues including voice, video, webchat, email, text messaging, and more. No need to have agents remembering multiple usernames and passwords and wasting time changing platforms to use different channels.

Intelligent Scripting

Our intelligent scripting decreases the need for training and onboarding and eliminates the risk of human error as agents handle interactions.

Video Sharing

Agent video or 2-way video between the agent and the customer.


Transcriptions occur in real time and are available along with call audio recordings for download and review. One customer is saving more than 45 minutes PER CALL by using key word search in the transcripts rather than having to listen to call recordings!

Web Chat

Why pay extra for a 3rd party Web Chat platform when it is already built in to NGNCloudComm? Additionally, our Optichannel functionality allows you to switch between Web Chat and a Phone call! This takes customer satisfaction to a whole new level!

Simultaneously Multi-Queue

Managers can assign blended agents to handle both inbound and outbound queues across the different channels. This maximizes efficiency and ROI as your agents can handle outbound contacts when inbound volume is not high.

Automatic Spam Control

NGNCloudCommtracks every single DID for being marked as ‘Spam Likely’ and will automatically pull and replace DIDs if they are decreasing your contact rates due to being labelled as Spam.

Desktop Sharing

Agents can share their desktop or Customers can share their desktop as needed.


You can build full email templates with images and even custom file attachments that can be manually sent by an Agent from our intelligent script or automatically sent via our Custom Business rules and Strategy Designer.

State by State Compliance

As new laws go into effect, whether it’s the well-known Florida TCPA law or the latest Connecticut law that went into effect on October 1, NGNCloudComm customers automate compliance on a State-by-State basis as needed without extra cost or custom development using our custom Call Tactics and Business Rules.

Are you ready to see how NGNCloudComm can work in your Contact Center? Reach out to us and set up a call to review your needs!