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NGNCloudComm - Complete Omnichannel Contact Center software

Get the INTELLIGENT Optichannel & Omnichannel Contact Center Software experience with NGNCloudComm

Take your cloud based Contact Center past CX and customize a Total Experience (TX) for your managers, agents and customers. NGNCloudComm Optichannel Contact Center Software will cover all your needs.

TCG with Grupo NGN

Agent Performance and Gamification

Developed and designed by a team with behavioral science background, video game professionals, data visualization experts and a team with more than 100 combined years of experience with Omnichannel contact centers solutions.

NGNInsights creates a open feedback loop between your agents and supervisors. Empowering and motivating your agents to improve by giving them real time performance feedback and allowing your supervisors to make the most efficient use of their time.

Agent Workstation Monitoring

Monitor your agents desktop and both system and input audio in real time.

Use smart triggers to determine when and what to record as needed for quality assurance, training, or compliance.


Deliver seamless inbound interactions across channels

All inbound communication channels – calls, email, text messages, chat, social media, etc are managed with multi-tier routing

AI and Automation

Power Optichannel experiences

Employ AI to leverage all the power of your Intelligent Omnichannel Contact Center software to provide your customers and employees an unforgetable journey

Next Gen Data Services

New paradigm in data acceptance and manipulation. We realize that business is dynamic and ever-changing; NGNCloudComm accepts external and secure incoming data points allowing you to manipulate and take action with no programming background needed. A feature that all Omnichannel Contact Center software should have!

Full Outbound

Intelligent AI Predictive Dialing

NGNCloudComm is an Optichannel Contact Center solution that includes a built in SIP stack which means that it has full inbound and outbound dialing capabilities. Outbound capabilities include AI Predictive, AI Skills Base Outbound, Manual, Preview and more…

Intelligent Agent Scripting

Improve Agent AND Customer Experience

Intelligent and Universal Scripting embedded that eliminates the need for a 3rd party scripting solution
Decreases your training costs by at least 70% and increases your agent production by at least 30%

Digital Engagement

Empower your customers by offering the digital experiences they expect. Support your customers and teams throughout an all inclusive Optichannel Contact Center Software

Interactive Voice Response

IVR for ALL your Channels

Simple drag and drop IVR designer allows you to create your own powerful IVRs without programming knowledge. Use AI bots, text to speech, voice recognition, and customer inputs. Route calls to different queues, campaigns or 3rd party phone numbers


Intelligent Business Rules

Streamline Your Business Processes through Automation

Define and automate processing of your business rules.
Increase ROI by eliminating human risk and decreasing interaction times

Optichannel Contact Center

NGNCloudComm now supports optichannel functionality allowing customers to engage with the same agent across multiple channels at the same time or to switch between channels within the same interaction

Cloud Based Optichannel & Omnichannel Contact Center Software

Let Your Imagination Be Your Only Limitation


NGNCloudComm combines omnichannel and optichannel to bring you the best CCaaS on the market. NGNCloudComm gives you the advantage of having a single system with all the features, capabilities, and possibilities your need in a seamlessly interwoven solution.

Each individual part of the system is interconnected like the human brain; each part has its specialized function but is connected and talks to the other parts through the connectivity of an Artificial Neural Network.

A New Kind of Customer Interaction Experience

Your CX will never be greater than your TX


CX takes on different definitions depending on the perspective and motivation of who is using the term. The concept of Customer Experience is accepted to mean how a company or business engages with customers at each point of the interaction process. Within the Omnichannel Call Center arena CX has taken on a more specific meaning relating to providing multiple channels for purchasing and customer service.

Based on our experience with thousands of customers, we realize that achieving those elusive high marks on Customer Experience (CX) required a lot more than just using CCaaS systems with bots, Optichannel and Multichannel, etc… It seems that we continue to ignore something fundamentally important: the human factor. NGNCloudComm allows you to finally bridge that gap.

NGNCloudComm is now part of the G2 Magic Quadrant

G2 Grid © for Contact Center as a Service

We are now a proud member of the prestegious G2 Grid © for Omnichannel Contact Center software as a Service. Appearing for the first time as a High Performance we constantly strive to improve. We have received a 10.0 in Quality of Support and a 9.4 score on Ease of Use.

Great Customers with Great Results