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Nice inContact Migration Program

Nice inContact Replacement Program

Secure your investment for the future by transitioning to NGNCloudComm the #1 rated CCaaS Partner to do business with by G2 and fulfill your commitment to provide outstanding experiences for your customers and agents. Act now to replace Nice inContact and upgrade your system.

Nice In Contact solution
Omnichannel call center software
Migrate Away from Nice In Contact Program

Here are a few reasons to consider a Nice inContact Migration Program:


  1. Cost-effectiveness: Switch to NGNCloudComm to take advantage of a more competitive pricing structure or a better overall value proposition for your organization, saving costs and maximizing your return on investment.
  2. Integration capabilities: Choose NGNCloudComm for its superior integration options with your existing business tools, software, or CRM systems, streamlining your business processes and improving overall efficiency.
  3. Features and functionality: Select NGNCloudComm for features better suited to your business needs, such as advanced call routing options, call recording, workforce management tools, compliance, business rules, and more.
  4. Customer support: Opt for NGNCloudComm for its superior customer support and service level agreements (SLAs) that align with your organization’s expectations and requirements.
  5. Geographic coverage: Deploy NGNCloudComm in any target market to provide better call quality and more reliable service for your customers.
  6. Customization: Benefit from the greater customization flexibility offered by NGNCloudComm, allowing you to tailor the platform to your organization’s specific needs and preferences.
  7. Regulatory compliance: Rely on NGNCloudComm to better help your organization meet industry-specific regulatory requirements or data security standards.
  8. User experience: Choose NGNCloudComm for its more intuitive and user-friendly interface, resulting in improved productivity and employee satisfaction.

Benefits Awaiting You

  • Improve, not only NPS and Customer Satisfaction but Agent and Supervisor satisfaction. Is what we call Total Satisfaction
  • Free yourself from local lock when searching for the best resources. Enable Remote Workforce with all the tools to not only to control their every day tasks and duties but also easily help improve them to reach new levels.
  • Agents will be inmerse into a single interface to handle any channel. Add true Optichannel to ensure you provide exceptional and unique experiences to your customers.
  • Set yourself appart: Embrace the latest Enterprise capabilities previously available only to large customers that we made available to all customers. No more premium packages.
  • Do you prefer On-Premise solutions? No problem, NGNCloudComm can also be deployed On-Premise without any loss of functionality

Intelligent Omnichannel Call Center Software

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NGNCloudComm combines omnichannel and optichannel to bring you the best CCaaS on the market. NGNCloudComm gives you the advantage of having a single system with all the features, capabilities, and possibilities your need in a seamlessly interwoven solution.

Each individual part of the system is interconnected like the human brain; each part has its specialized function but is connected and talks to the other parts through the connectivity of an Artificial Neural Network.

A New Kind of Customer Interaction Experience

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Based on our experience we realize that achieving those elusive high marks on Customer Experience (CX) required a lot more than just using CCaaS systems with bots, Optichannel and Multichannel, etc… It seems that we continue to ignore something fundamentally important: the human factor. NGNCloudComm allows you to finally bridge that gap.

Migrate Easily

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Most migrations can be successfully implemented an migrated within 15 days. 

Lower TCO

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Maximize your return on investment and significantly decrease your contact center expenses.

Simplify Scaling

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With our bursting capabilities, simply pay for your usage. Scale as needed without having to concern yourself how to cover those extra busy months out of the year.

NGNCloudComm - Complete Omnichannel Contact Center software
NGNInsights - Agent Performance and Gamification
NGNCloudComm Agent Station Monitoring

Take advantage of our exclusive migration program for Nice in Contact clients, so you can move forward without any hindrances.

What You Need To Know

Experience the complete set of NGNCloudComm features for free with our trial program. You won’t be charged any cloud usage fees during the extended trial period. We also provide access to your environment throughout the implementation phase, allowing your agents to receive training and prepare for serving customers on the first day.

*Terms and conditions apply. Incentive levels and trial program period are determined based on existing system environment, deployment details and account eligibility. Contact your Grupo NGN representative or partner to learn more about eligibility and requirements

What You Get


  • Gain access to a comprehensive range of AI cloud-based features such as voice services, digital channels, inbound routing, outbound campaigns, workforce engagement, unified communications, reporting, and analytics.
  • Utilize our tools for customized reports, queues, and interaction flows. Seamlessly integrate your existing CRM, unified communications, and custom reports with our integrations and applications.
  • As a bonus, Nice in Contact customers who migrate to our platform receive free online training credits for agents, supervisors, and administrators.

Explore the offerings of Grupo NGN and discover how we can assist you in achieving success in your customer service operations.

Our endlessly adaptable cloud solution can replace your Nice in Contact platform and provide you with the necessary tools to ensure customer satisfaction. Failing to deliver exceptional service is not an option.

Let’s engage in a conversation and strategize on how Grupo NGN can help you meet and exceed customer expectations.

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