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NGNCloudComm Insights – Analytics Dashboard for Supervisors

NGNCloudComm Insights with its contact center analytics dashboard allows your Contact Center Supervisors to increase efficiency and spend less time running and analyzing reports.

Welcome to Grupo NGN, the Optichannel AI Cloud Contact Center Software provider. Discover the power of NGNCloudComm Insights, our contact analytics dashboard designed specifically for Contact Center Supervisors. With NGNCloudComm Insights, your supervisors can boost efficiency and save valuable time by automating report generation and analysis. Say goodbye to manual data crunching and hello to data-driven decision-making. Unlock the potential of your contact center with NGNCloudComm Insights – the ultimate solution for optimizing performance and driving customer satisfaction. Join us today and revolutionize your contact center operations.

mosaic of contact center agents on NGNInsights

1 Contact Center Analytics Visualized

Imagine the countless hours that supervisors spend each week meticulously processing reports and tirelessly analyzing spreadsheets. But what if there was a better way? Introducing NGNCloudComm Insights – the game-changing contact analytics dashboard crafted exclusively for dedicated Contact Center Supervisors. Experience the power of automation as NGNCloudComm Insights effortlessly generates and analyzes reports, freeing supervisors from the shackles of manual data crunching. Say goodbye to endless hours of tedious work and embrace the era of data-driven decision-making.

2 Actionable Data Analysis

NGNCloudComm Insights provides Supervisors with valuable insights and actionable data to enhance Agent efficiency and maximize return on investment. Unlock the power of data-driven decision-making and revolutionize your contact center operations. Experience the ultimate solution for optimizing performance and driving customer satisfaction with NGNCloudComm Insights.


Filter data results to focus on what is most important to your Contact Center. You can filter by any data point available, team name, shift, ACW greater than 30 seconds, Call Duration less than 5 minutes for example.


Order your data to sort it by best to worst, worst to best, highest to lowest, or lowest to highest. This allows Supervisors to recognize and reward those Agents doing the best work and to indentify Agents who may need support, motivation or training.


Group your data to see how a team is performing. Or group your data to compare how performance in one area affects overall performance. For example group those agents with the highest call time to see how that correlates with overall performance.

3 Use Gamification to Increase ROI

When used correctly, Gamification is a powerful tool for motivating Contact Center Agents and improving ROI. Move beyond buzzwords and feel good options that don’t actually provide measurable results. 

Open Feedback Loops

Supervisors view the exact same data results that Agents see for themselves. This creates an open feedback look where results become a daily and regular focus. Agents are empowered to perform their best and Supervisors spend more time working with Agents who need support and less time reading spreadsheets. 

Leaderboards and Contests

Agents not only see their own results, but see how they compare to their teammates and peers. This creates a healthy and positive competition for everyone. Supervisors can easily set up short term contests with rewards to mix things up.

Points, Coin, and Store

Motivate your Agents and Supervisors with the ability to purchase items from a curated store. Contact Centers can provide gift cards, electronics, or any other item to get Agents and Supervisors excited. Internal items such as an extended lunch, extra PTO, or even a preferred parking pass can become popular and motivating items for your team. 

Get Started With a Data Analysis Today

Embark on your NGNCloudComm Insights journey today by signing up for a data analysis. Access to up to 180 days’ worth of KPI and OKR data and let us build you a custom tile. Our advanced AI benchmarking capabilities will analyze your data and identify areas for improvement, empowering your contact center to drive enhanced ROI.