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Transform Outbound Reach With an Intelligent Outbound Predictive Dialer

Are you looking for ways to transform your outbound reach? Have you been searching for a technology that can help you make more successful outbound calls without violating any regulations? Well, look no further! With NGNCloudComm, you can take your Intelligent Outbound Predictive Dialing  to the next level with an advanced AI-based predictive dialer. Keep in mind Predictive Dialing is just one mode we are discussing in this article. NGNCloudComm provides other modes for outbound like preview, skills based outbound and progressive dialing modes, as well as a TCPA compliant system.

This unique and powerful tool is designed to leverage voice calls as well as an extensive range of Optichannel interactions such as SMS, emails, social media platforms and more. With NGNCloudComm, you can reach out to customers across multiple channels while ensuring that all legal requirements are met and that your business adheres to the right standards even by a state to state basis

Keep reading to find out how NGNCloudComm can help you improve your outbound reach and transform your business.

What Is an Intelligent Outbound Predictive Dialer?

When it comes to outbound reach, one of the most effective tools in your arsenal is an Intelligent Outbound Predictive Dialer. This powerful AI-based technology is designed to help businesses maximize their outbound reach.

The dialer works by leveraging algorithms to automatically place outbound calls and learn in the process. It can predict how to behave in order to have the right amount of connections to customers answering calls, and then allocate them to agents or self-service IVR’s for a more efficient experience. This helps maximize agent productivity, as the dialer can adapt the dial rate according to your performance metrics.

With NGNCloudComm’s patented predictive dialer algorithms, businesses can also run Optichannel interactions for a more comprehensive approach, using voice calls, SMS, emails, social media platforms and more. And because it is built to be 100% compliant with all regulations, you can be sure your business is upholding legal standards while reaping the benefits of this powerful technology.

Predictive Dialer

How NGNCloudComm's Predictive Dialer Works

Have you ever been frustrated by having to wait a long time between calls? That’s where NGNCloudComm and its patented Predictive Dialer come in! This high-tech dialer utilizes advanced machine learning techniques to improve a business’ outbound reach.

By predicting call center agent availability and calibrating the dialing rate accordingly, the Predictive Dialer can make sure that every agent is speaking with a customer as soon as possible. It also automatically screens out unanswered calls, busy tone signals, and voicemails so that your agents are only taking calls from people who actually can talk.

With NGNCloudComm’s Predictive Dialer, businesses can finally achieve their outbound contact goals in record time while maintaining regulatory compliance. Now you can eliminate the guesswork and focus on what matters most—building relationships with customers.

The Benefits of Using an Intelligent Outbound Predictive Dialer

You’ve probably heard that an outbound predictive dialer can help with your business’ outreach activities, but you may not be aware of all the benefits.

Using NGNCloudComm’s intelligent outbound predictive dialer, you can:

  • Enhance agent efficiency. Since the AI-powered governor is constantly adjusting its dialing efficiency and routing, agents only get connected to positive connection customers. This maximizes live connection rates and speeds up conversations between agents and customers.
  • Achieve accelerated sales. With smart call list segmentation, agents can personalize the calls to target specific audiences and better understand customers’ needs resulting in faster customer engagement and loyalty.
  • Lower operational costs. Predictive dialers are able to reach out to more people faster than manual processes saving you time and money, allowing your team to gain more valuable insights into customer behavior.

All these benefits and more can be achieved through NGNCloudComm’s patented intelligent outbound predictive dialer offering businesses an efficient, reliable and secure way to identify potential leads while maintaining compliance with all regulatory laws.


Reach Customers on Their Preferred Channels

NGNCloudComm allows you to reach customers on the channels they prefer — and it’s designed to deliver a truly seamless, personalized experience that matters.

Customers in the US still prefer phone calls for resolving their issues — but NGNCloudComm is so much more than just a predictive dialer. It provides an extensive range of optichannel interactions, such as voice calls, SMS, emails and social media platforms.

No matter what channel your customers prefer to reach you on, NGNCloudComm is built to work with all of them. Plus, as it’s 100% compliant with all regulations, you can be sure that you won’t run into any legal issues while using it.

Here are some of the channels you can use to reach out to customers through NGNCloudComm:

  • Voice calls (Inbound/Outbound/IVR)
  • SMS
  • Emails
  • Push notifications
  • WhatsApp
  • Social media platforms

Maintain 100% Compliance with Regulations

It’s essential that your outbound reach is done in a fully compliant way with all the laws and regulations. This is where NGNCloudComm can help. NGNCloudComm is built to be 100% compliant with all regulations, meaning you won’t have to worry about any legal issues.

NGNCloudComm is designed not only for voice call outbound reach, but also for an extensive range of Optichannel interactions, including SMS, emails, social media outreach and more – all of which NGNCloudComm ensures that you comply with FTC laws and regulations plus a TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) version is also available.

With NGNCloudComm you’ll always be secure, knowing that your outbound reach meets all legal standards.

NGNCloudComm AI Predictive Outbound Dialing

How to Get Started with NGNCloudComm's Predictive Dialer

Getting started with NGNCloudComm’s predictive dialer for outbound reach is an easy process. It includes a built-in SIP stack, so it does not need a PBX to operate but it also works with any existing PBX infrastructure. It takes no time to get up and running, and you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of increased customer satisfaction and greater ROI in no time.

Here’s how you can use NGNCloudComm’s predictive dialer to maximize your outbound reach:

  1. Automate Your Outbound Calls: Predictive dialers take away the manual process of dialing leads and waiting for a call back. This software will streamline customer data accurate information for an efficient automation experience.
  2. Include it in an Optichannel Strategy: Take advantage of customer insight from voice data to customize your customer interaction on other channels like SMS, email, or social media platforms.
  3. Call Recording & Monitoring: Automate call recording and call monitoring so you can track metrics like average call length, successful connect rate, number of calls made etc., to see how your outbound campaign is doing.
  4. Enforce Business Rules: To maximize your ROI you can set rules that limit the number of retries when dialing out a lead or ensure that agents are compliant when speaking with customers over the phone using AI technology.


Outbound reach is critical for any business looking to boost their customer relationships and overall sales. NGNCloudComm’s Intelligent Outbound Predictive Dialer is the ideal solution to increase customer outreach in a compliant and efficient manner.

With its ability to reach out to customers through multiple channels – including Voice, SMS, emails, and social media platforms – businesses can ensure they are always connected with their customer base. Plus, its 100% compliance with all regulations ensures businesses can reach out with confidence, all while maintaining their legal standards.

Get started with NGNCloudComm today and see how their Intelligent Outbound Predictive Dialer can transform your outbound reach.