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Predictive AI Outbound Dialing with NGNCloudComm

NGNCloudComm Includes AI Predictive Dialing

Predictive AI Outbound Dialing with NGNCloudComm. NGNCloudComm is an omnichannel Contact Center solution that includes a built in SIP stack which means that it has full inbound and outbound dialing capabilities without requiring a costly PBX or UCaaS system. Contact Centers using NGNCloudComm save money by not having to pay for a PBX or UCaaS in addition to their CCaaS and by not having to purchase additional systems for inbound and outbound dialing. Agents are more efficient as they do not have to spend time logging in and out of systems to switch between inbound and outbound calls. Grupo NGN has included a Predictive AI system for outbound dialing since 1995.

NGNCloudComm Predictive AI Outbound Dialing:

NGNCloudComm has used Predictive AI to enhance and maximize the efficiency of outbound dialing since its original release in 1995. Artificial Intelligence and neural networking analyzes, in real time, every possible datapoint including but not limited to the total number of agents on the system, the number of available agents, average call time, the number of leads, the average connection rate, and many more. The Predictive AI ensures that your Contact Center agents are maximizing their time connected to your leads or customers. 

AI is most effective with at least 10 total agents working in an outbound campaign and its efficiency increases as you add additional agents. NGNCloudComm includes a number of outbound dialing modes in addition to its Predictive AI mode. 


Outbound Dialing Modes included with NGNCloudComm:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Predictive Dialing

SmartPace VI Predictive Dialing

Interruptible Preview Dialing (with or without auto connect)

Manual Dialing

Full Blast Agentless Outbound Dialing

Skills Based Artificial Intelligence (AI) Predictive Dialing (Unique to NGNCloudComm)

Features included with NGNCloudComm Outbound Dialing:

Realtime Abandon Rate Management – customize abandon rates on a per campaign basis

Spam Likely Control – automatically remove and clean numbers showing up as “Spam Likely”

Advanced List Management – sort and filter your leads to maximize contact and success ratios or to react to events in real time

Business Rules – apply custom rules to your interactions in real time for a more productive campaign

Unique Caller ID – customize Caller ID options on a per campaign basis including location-based Caller ID

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