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Improve Text Messaging with NGNCloudComm

Text messaging for Contact Centers with Total Experience

With NGNCloudComm, Contact Centers imrpove text messaging with a Total Experience (TX) by passing key data securely through the entire process. Customer Experience increases as users go through a streamlined process that does not leave them frustrated, confused, or disappointed. Agent Experience increases as they efficiently focus on key activities rather than data entry. ROI is maximized as the impressive TX increases sales and satisfaction across the board. Allow me to share a real-life example.

A little over a month ago construction crews tore up my quiet tree lined suburban cul-de-sac to lay down fiber lines for high-speed internet. One the second day of this mess, we received a flyer on our door with information about the new service and a link where we could get on a waiting list to sign up. Happy to spend less money to get 8-10X’s faster internet – sign me up! I gave the company my name, phone number, home address, and email.

Earlier this week, I received the following text message:

Geoff – the wait is over! Call 555-1212 to schedule your fiber internet installation.

I immediately called the phone number excited at both getting the new internet service and seeing what kind of Customer Support system this company had set up. Quickly I realized that while the text message included my name, the phone number was not a line dedicated to customers who had moved to the top of the waiting list but was simply a main corporate line. After a brief recorded introductory message about the company and that the call could be recorded and then not opting in for Spanish, I selected “1” for new customers rather than “2” for technical support or “3” for all other calls. From there I was on hold for not quite 2 minutes listening to what was rather forgettable hold music when an agent came on the line with “Thank you for calling tech support how can I help you today?

A bit confused – I explained that I received a text message just a few moments ago to schedule a new installation – was I transferred to the wrong department? No, not at all the agent replied – let me get your name and address to see if the service is available in your area and schedule your install. Note – this company already had my name, address, phone number, and email address and had only moments prior sent me a text message confirming that service was now available in my area. But with an antiquated CCaaS, here I was talking to a “tech support” agent who needed me to repeat all that information so he could check to see if in fact service was available and to then schedule my installation. Not the best first impression (if you don’t count the complete surprise of road construction without any warning as a first impression).

Improved Experience using NGNCloudComm

With NGNCloudComm and an improved text messaging experience, instead of being asked for English or Spanish the system would already know my preferred language and not need to ask. If I were a Spanish preferred customer, the system would know that the moment I clicked the contact us link in my text message and default to Spanish. Instead of a generic corporate welcome message a personalized message using my name could be played “Geoff, thank you for calling to set up your installation, a representative will be with you as quickly as possible, we are excited to have you as a new customer. Please note that for quality assurance this call may be recorded.”  Finally once an agent is available instead of someone having no idea who I am or why I am calling introducing themselves with “Thank you for calling tech support”; the agent would have a screen in front of them with all my waitlist information and could answer “Geoff, thank you for calling to set up installation of our new service, I see your address is……….”.

But it’s not just the Customer Experience that is improved by NGNCloudComm, the Agent Experience is infinitely better. A new internet provider startup company has several key activities – providing general information and trying to sign up new customers who qualify for the service, scheduling installations for new customers, billing and support for new and active customers, and finally technical support for new and active customers. Agent Experience is improved when they know who and why a person is calling before they answer the call. Handling a prospective customer or scheduling a new installation should be a different phone call than providing technical support for a current customer or handling billing issues for a current customer. Even if you don’t have separate departments for sales, service, and technical support, but have agents trained across each category to take any call that comes in you don’t want an agent answering a sales call with “Thank you for calling tech support” and you don’t want agents answering current customers calling for billing or technical support with a sales pitch.

In summary, with NGNCloudComm and EngageNow Contact Centers improve text messaging and the Total Experience:

Customer Experience improves with a personalized message.

The need to ask for preferred language and department is eliminated, and calls are routed appropriately to English or Spanish speaking agents.

The need to ask for information the company already has such as name, address, etc is eliminated, decreasing call duration, and increasing customer satisfaction.

Agent Experience improves as agents have key information in front of them BEFORE answering the call.

Company Experience improves as customer satisfaction increases, agent and employee satisfaction increases, phone costs are decreased and most importantly sales and ROI are maximized!

To find out more about this and how it can impact your operation, please contact us.


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