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Case Study: Cable TV/Internet BPO Quadruples their Up Sell Rate

Objective: Up Sell Percentage Improvement

A Cable TV/Internet company sought Up Sell Percentage Improvement. The initial Up Sell percentage was averaging at 5.1%, and the objective was to substantially increase this figure to improve overall sales performance.

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The company faced a stagnating Up Sell percentage, and while the data was available in NGNCloudComm Insights, it was not prominently displayed to agents. To achieve the desired results, the company had to find a way to make the Up Sell KPI more visible and motivate agents to upsell without making any script changes, providing additional training, or introducing special incentives.


The company decided to edit the agent’s NGNCloudComm Insights tile, making Up Sell a prominent performance metric. This meant that agents could see their Up Sell percentage right on their dashboard, without needing to navigate through multiple screens or reports.


The impact of this seemingly simple change was nothing short of remarkable:

In the first month after adding Up Sell to the tile, agents achieved an astonishing 19.9% Up Sell rate.

The success story continued into the second month, with agents exceeding a 22% Up Sell rate.

Astonishingly, agents maintained an impressive Up Sell rate of over 20% for six consecutive months.

Notably, these impressive results for Up Sell Percentage Improvement were achieved without implementing any changes to scripts, conducting additional agent training, or offering any spiffs or rewards. The sole difference was making the Up Sell KPI easily accessible and visible to agents through the NGNCloudComm Insights tile.

Key Takeaways

This case study highlights the power of data visibility and accessibility in driving performance improvements. By simply making the Up Sell percentage a focal point on the agent’s dashboard, the Cable TV/Internet company was able to significantly enhance their Up Sell results. This case demonstrates that sometimes, the key to success lies not in making sweeping changes but in ensuring that the right metrics are front and center, empowering agents to excel in their roles.

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