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Transform Your Contact Center Experience with NGNCloudComm Optichannel - Chat to Voice Integration

Seamless Multi-Channel Communication

With NGNCloudComm Optichannel, experience the freedom to seamlessly switch or combine channels during interactions. For example, initiate a conversation through webchat and effortlessly add or transfer to a voice channel – all with the same agent. This integration ensures consistent and efficient communication, enhancing user convenience.

Elevate Customer Satisfaction and Performance Metrics

Implementing Chat to Voice in your contact centers leads to notable improvements in customer satisfaction, higher one-call closure rates, and boosts in sales and success metrics. The reduction in overall interaction time is a bonus that both agents and customers appreciate.

Versatile Connection Options

NGNCloudComm caters to all user preferences. If a customer can’t use their device for voice calls or prefers a traditional phone connection, they can easily dial in using a provided number, directly connecting to the same agent from the webchat.

Uninterrupted, Flexible Interactions

Whether your customers start a chat on their desktop and need to switch to a voice call on their smartphone, or vice versa, our Optichannel platform makes it possible without the hassle of changing agents. This continuity in service is key to building trust and efficiency.

Optichannel chat to voice integration

Beyond Voice and Chat

Our Optichannel solution encompasses a wide range of channels including voice, text message, email, webchat, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. The system smartly manages call history, data, and reporting, offering voice recording and transcript services.

Innovative EngageNow Feature

Utilize EngageNow for direct communication via smart devices or computers with microphones. This feature not only saves on phone minutes but also brings in advanced options like video and screen sharing, elevating the interaction experience.

Data-Driven Insights for Maximized ROI

Leverage the power of data with NGNCloudComm. Analyze call trends and channel effectiveness to optimize your strategies and maximize return on investment.

Join the NGNCloudComm Revolution

Step into the future of contact center communication with NGNCloudComm’s Optichannel Chat to Voice functionality. Elevate your customer interactions and drive your business forward.

To find out more about this and how it can impact your operation, please contact us.


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