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Ready for new State TCPA laws?

Ready for new State TCPA laws? There are more than 380 proposed bills for new Contact Center focused laws across the 50 US states.

NGNCloudComm users are already prepared for any Contact Center legal changes due to its robust business rules engine.

Ready for new State TCPA laws? In only a few weeks of the new calendar year, over 40 states and the District of Colombia have introduced more than 380 different bills that if passed will directly affect the regulation of Contact Centers. Check out the map below showing the number of new bills being introduced and debated across US State House and Senate chambers that directly affect Contact Centers. As of February 2023, New York has 78 different proposed bills, Massachusetts has 57, Tennessee has 24 and more than 20 states have at least 5 proposed bills for debate.

Number of Contact Center Focused Bills introduced by each US State in 2023

NGNCloudComm Business Rules Engine

Contact Center regulation is making a lot of headlines as politicians see the promise of reducing spam calls to gain attention and votes. By including promises to reduce unwanted and spam phone calls, State legislatures continue to author and pass legislation directly affecting Contact Centers. NGNCloudComm is unique among CCaaS platforms because of its powerful business rules engine that allows users to create automated processes based on unlimited logic and data points. This creates a flexibility that allows Contact Centers to ensure compliance on a state by state or case by case basis as needed without concern of human error.

NGNCloudComm was first developed in 1995 with a built-in communication stack and a powerful logic engine. While other major CCaaS platforms are limited because they require 3rd party PBX or UCaaS systems to function, NGNCloudComm can easily be customized for your Contact Center needs. With NGNCloudComm you get the same experience across inbound voice, outbound voice, text, webchat, webvoice, email, WhatsApp, social media pages and even data. Contact Centers using NGNCloudComm are ready to adapt to any new State TCPA laws.

Florida Mini TCPA

You can read more detail about the specific law passed by Florida here and here. Since July 2021, many other states have introduced similar laws and now there are more than 380 new Contact Center focused proposed laws going through legislatures in early 2023.

One Contact Center reached out to their CCaaS provider to discuss options regarding the Florida law and were told point blank that if they were concerned about legal compliance their best option was to stop calling into Florida! NGNCloudComm customers were ready for the new TCPA law in Florida as well as every single other law that has passed since.


Here are some resources to follow or be aware of to make sure your Contact Center is on top the changing legal landscape:

Mac Murray and Shuster webinar – M&S Predicts! TCPA, Privacy and Regulators’ Priorities

PACE – Professional Associations for Customer Engagement Homepage

Grupo NGN Compliance Corner Blog Posts

Common Contact Center Concerns and NGNCloudComm Solutions

Blocking and Labeling:

Contact Centers have seen outbound connection rates decrease as providers are labelling legitimate and legal calls as “Spam Likely” or even blocking the call from getting to the end user. NGNCloudComm helps outbound Contact Centers increase their connection rates by automating business rules to avoid human error. Rather than trusting agents to be aware of time zones and different state by state regulations, NGNCloudComm automatically stops any non-compliant call from being dialed in the first place.

NGNCloudComm’s business rules engine not only increases agent efficiency but also completely removes human error and eliminates any non-compliant calls which makes it more likely your calls will not be labelled as “Spam Likely” or blocked. But even the most careful Contact Centers will see their calls blocked and labelled so NGNCloudComm provides a real time service that tracks when a DID is blocked or labelled as “Spam” and automatically removes that DID from being used so it can be cleaned and replaced by a new DID to keep you contact rates as high as possible.

Different mini-TCPA regulations across US States:

It can be difficult to keep track of not only which States have which regulation, but also to keep track of when new regulations go into effect and whether they apply only to voice calls or also to text messaging or other channels like chat, email, and social media. Training your agents to keep track of these issues and then expecting them to apply the rules can take a lot of extra time and money. Even the best agents will make mistakes and it decreases efficiency when agents have to look up area codes and check a list of different laws instead of just connecting with your leads and customers.

NGNCloudComm allows customers to create custom business rules that fully automate all these processes. Outbound dials are run through NGNCloudComm’s business rules engine and if the call isn’t fully compliant it isn’t dialed. Agents don’t have to be trained on changing laws and don’t have to waste time checking lists before making calls. If an agent tries to manually make a non-compliant call (calling before or after curfew for example) NGNCloudComm will automatically disallow the call.

Be Ready for New State TCPA Laws

NGNCloudComm ensures that Contact Centers are ready for new State TCPA laws. The same functionality that ensures compliance across different State laws can also be customized for whatever business rules your Contact Center needs. This eliminates human error and increases efficiency by automating processes and allowing your agents to focus on what they do best.

To find out more about this and how it can impact your operation, please contact us.


(844) 464 7876


Disclaimer – Grupo NGN and this blog author are not attorney and nothing in this should be considered as legal advice. Your contact center should confirm any legal decisions with an attorney.

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