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Is Your Contact Center Ready for Oklahoma Compliance?

NGNCloudComm users already have what they need to be compliant with Oklahoma’s “Mini TCPA” law, HB 3168, that goes into effect the 1st of November 2022

First the disclaimer, I am not a lawyer and do not provide any legal advice. Grupo NGN is not a law firm and does not provide any legal advice. This article will cover the feature sets that, by using NGNCloudComm, allows customers to automate their Business Rules within NGNCloudComm to be compliant with the legal requirements laid out in the new Oklahoma law.

At Grupo NGN we keep up to date with proposed legislation across all 50 states regarding Contact Center compliance, employing different means, including but not limited to, that our CEO is part of the PACE GA team (Professional Association for Customer Engagement Government Affairs) that monitors and lobbies against unfair laws concerning the Contact Center industry. Because of this Grupo NGN has been ahead of the curve in making sure our CCaaS product, NGNCloudComm, continues to provide the settings and options our customers need to remain compliant with the constantly changing legal landscape.

We are aware that other CCaaS providers have been telling their customers that the best option they must ensure no legal liability is to stop calling into states that have passed updated laws. Can your Contact Center maximize its ROI if you must stop calling into Oklahoma? What about Florida, New York, Utah, Missouri, Washington, or Michigan? We consider those responses from some of our competitors completely unacceptable. NGNCloudComm users have been able to continue making calls into Florida and other states in full compliance of the new laws and will be able to call Oklahoma numbers after November 1, 2022. NGNCloudComm is a future proof system since it is designed to be compliant out of the box with any present and future bills in the foreseeable future. In the event in the future that the software needs an update to comply with a new law, we provide those updates, no matter how big or small, completely without any additional cost to our customers.

Oklahoma House Bill No 3168

This bill was signed into law on May 20, 2022 and goes into effect in a few weeks from the writing of this blog on November 1, 2022. Here are some of the key provisions of the new law:

  • Calls must be made between 8AM and 8PM local Oklahoma time
  • No more than 3 calls/text/voice mails per 24-hour period
  • Parties can recover the greater of actual damages or $500 per violation, $1500 per violation if willful and knowing

NGNCloudComm Automates Your Business Rules for Peace of Mind

Many Contact Centers needing to call Oklahoma (or other states that have passed similar laws) have chosen to either stop calling Oklahoma phone numbers altogether (which reduces your ability to generate income) or they choose to trust their supervisors and agents to manually track and follow the new legal requirements. This later choice is both expensive due to a significant increase in manhours and it can be dangerous at the same time, since it is difficult to manually track and enforce mistakes that can become costly.

With NGNCloudComm, Contact Centers can bring their own Business Rules that are then automatically applied and enforced. What this means is not putting your company and ROI at risk from human error.

Oklahoma leads can be automatically filtered to ensure that they are only contacted during the legal hours of 8AM to 8PM local time to the customer and that those leads are only contacted 3 times every 24-hour period. Even when an agent attempts to manually dial an Oklahoma lead, NGNCloudComm will check the dialing hours and check the number of attempts made in the previous 24 hours and only allow the manual call if it is compliant. If the agent is trying to call outside the curfew hours for Oklahoma time or if the number has already been called 3 times in the last 24 hours, NGNCloudComm will not allow the number to be dialed. This gives you peace of mind that no violations are happening even from what might be honest mistakes. And this is just an example, you can define what your internal Business rules are and be enforced.

Apply Rules by both Phone Number and Address

The new law specifically states that calls or texts to a phone number with an Oklahoma area code are made to an Oklahoma resident or person physically present in the state. There seems to be some ambiguity around calling a non-Oklahoma number to someone living in Oklahoma. As people move without changing their cell phone number (I’ve moved to 2 different states while keeping my original residential based cell phone number for example) this is becoming a common issue and question as states pass new laws.

NGNCloudComm allows Contact Centers to apply Business Rules based on multiple factors. So the 8AM to 8PM dialing hours as well as the 3 attempts per 24 hour period can be applied to both Oklahoma phone numbers using for example  area codes 405, 572, 539, 572, 580, and 918 but also applied to any phone number that is connected to a lead with an Oklahoma address. With this capability, users of NGNCloudComm can ensure full compliance with the new law as well as the ability to apply any additional Business Rules they want to ensure the best customer experience and ROI in addition to legal compliance. At the same time, it can be augmented in real time with 3rd party providers like to provide as much cover to compliancy as needed.

Work with a Partner and not Just a CCaaS Vendor

I worked with a new customer who had their legal counsel speak with their previous well known CCaaS provider about the new Florida law before it went into effect last year. This vendor told them that their product had no option to ensure they could be in compliance with the new law and their advice was to stop uploading Florida leads and to stop calling any Florida phone numbers! The immediate question for them was “what do we do with all the new laws that are coming for other States, do we stop calling those also?” to which they got no answer.

That is not how we do things at Grupo NGN where our motto is “Let Your Imagination be Your Only Limitation”. All NGNCloudComm customers had the immediate ability to update their internal Business Rules to be compliant. For customers that needed assistance we provided them with fast and affordable support to update their Business Rules and Agent Scripts well before the Florida law went into effect. We like to become our customer’s “technology partner” that ensures they are 100% efficient. It is this kind of attitude and service that keeps our customers extremely satisfied with our services and software, generating a continuous 99% 4 and 5 star customer support rating for more than 25 years! Some of our G2 reviews include:

my favorite part of working with NGNCloucomm is the level of customer service. Time after time, they have gone above and beyond. This team works harder than anyone I have ever met to ensure that our systems work optimally and that every last one of our needs is met.

NGN’s level of support and customer satisfaction exceeds any other vendor I have previously worked with in the past.

As mentioned, we love the product, but the customer service team and support have been exceptional. Always attentive and available when needed most, we have been able to collaborate with Grupo and implement new processes based on their superb understanding and experience in contact centers, both small and large.

The GrupoNGN team works very closely with us to understand our business processes, providing thoughtful solutions as well as quick support when needed.

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