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Legal Changes are brewing… Is your Omnichannel Contact Center Software future proof?

Multiple changes to the way you conduct your business are coming from numerous fronts, State & Federal. A lot of these changes have more complex rules than a simple manual or automatic dial and now are being extended in multiple cases to B2B interactions.

For example, the state of Oklahoma just unanimously passed the Oklahoma Telephone Solicitation Act of 2022 (HB 3168) which closely resembles the recent Florida act in 2021. The FTC is also pushing to revisit these new TSR rules while Missouri, New York, Utah and Washington are introducing changes to their legislation, etc.

Some of the more noticeable changes in the requirement act are:

Time restrictions

There are multiple time restrictions based on the location of the callee. How to handle locations within a State that have different time zones? What do you do when time restrictions become complex (i.e. avoid lunch times also)?

Volume Limitations

Some new laws include restrictions to only allow a maximum of 3 attempts per 24 hrs., and that includes any channel used (voice, text, etc.).

Detailed Call History

Not just your typical record of whom I called and when. If passed, the new laws will require that records of detailed information be kept for each interaction attempt. For example, what caller id was used, what carrier, was the call transferred and to whom, when the call was answered, what method, etc.

And there are more new laws being introduced and debated as we speak. The landscape can and will change rapidly. Is your Contact Center software future proof or are you going to leave your future in the hands of these 3rd parties that may or may not update your software in time and at an elevated cost? For example, many Contact Center software manufactures recommend to their clients to stop calling Florida to avoid the possible legal ramifications since their software doesn’t have the ability to enforce this new rules.. What is going to be their next recommendation? Stop calling NY, UT, WA, OK, MN, etc.? From our point of view, this is an unacceptable option for our customers.

At Grupo NGN, we believe in options and solutions for our customers. Our award-winning Contact Center solution, NGNCloudComm allows you to enforce those and many more rules on the fly, across all channels. Our Business Rules designer can enforce those pesky new rules without Agent intervention and with Agent-proof rules that properly set, so no one can circumvent! The business rules are checked and enforced milliseconds before the interaction is started.  

Since its inception, our system has keeped detailed information about the history of a call, some of the detailed information that is being reported are:

Date/time of the interaction, channel and trunk used.

Changes in state of the call, if the call is in a queue: Skills required, ownership of the call, etc.

Transfer attempts: who, when, what! Channel used, caller id used, was it internal or external, etc…

Within our system are simple menu driven settings that allows you to create your strategy for delivering the right Caller-ID’s for each occasion. Create predefined lists of Caller-ID’s to use that can be selected sequentially per call. If that is not what you need, then have them selected at random, or even intelligently and automatically using geolocation and employ the closest Caller-ID defined to the customer you are reaching to…

And many more…

Our motto is simple: “Let Your Imagination Be Your Only Limitation!” and we translate that into our software by making many complex solutions with other vendors a simple task with NGNCloudComm.

Intrigued? Please Contact Us and let us show you how simple it can be to solve this and other headaches you have today or may have in the near future!



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