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NGNCloudComm now supports WhatsApp

NGNCloudComm WhatsApp Support

NGNCloudComm has added WhatsApp support to its industry leading omnichannel platform. Contact Centers can now add all the NGNCloudComm features including queue and campaign assignments, transcript history, and key data reporting to live chat interactions with the 2.2 billion active WhatsApp global users.

How does it work?

When a user contacts your business WhatsApp account – that chat is routed to an IVR where your Contact Center business rules are applied, and the chat interaction is queued and assigned to the appropriate and available agent.

Agents view and reply to the WhatsApp chat within the NGNCloudComm platform. Agents do not need to have or use their WhatsApp account or any other platform.

Because the interaction occurs within the omnichannel platform, key data points like response time, total chat duration, and resolution are tracked and the chat history is stored. If applicable auto replies can be programmed and agents can transfer the chat interaction to other agents or departments as needed.

NGNCloudComm WhatsApp Support

Functionality added using WhatsApp with NGNCloudComm

NGNCloudComm Intelligent IVR

IVR Functionality

Route the chat through an IVR allowing customers to select a department or input information prior to routing to an agent

NGNCloudComm Define Your Business Rules

Business Rules

Apply business rules – business days/hours, holidays, match customer record etc

NGNCloudComm Multiple Skills Based Routing

Skills Based Routing

Route the chat to the proper agent(s)

NGNCloudComm Omnichannel and Optichannel queueing


Put chats into a queue for the first available agent to handle

NGNCloudComm Chat and Social Media Reports

Chat History

Chat history is saved and available to any agent that communicates with the customer
NGNCloudComm Web Report


Time to reply to the chat, overall time of the chat, chat disposition

NGNCloudComm Tranfer Calls and Chat interactions


Agents can transfer the chat to another agent as needed – escalation, different department etc

NGNCloudComm Powerful Interactions

Auto Replies

Use ‘chat bots’ and automatic replies to increase customer experience and agent efficiency

What other channels does NGNCloudComm support?

NGNCloudComm is a true omnichannel experience where agents handle inbound and outbound queues, manual calls, email, text messages, Facebook interactions, webform data, live chat, and now WhatsApp interactions from one single platform.

NGNCloudComm Omnichannel CCaaS
NGNCloudComm Omnichannel CCaaS Inbound and Outbound

Inbound and outbound queues

NGNCloudComm Omnichannel CCaaS Manual Dialing

Manual calls

NGNCloudComm Omnichannel CCaaS Email Support


NGNCloudComm Omnichannel CCaaS SMS-Texting Support

Text messages

NGNCloudComm Omnichannel CCaaS Facebook support


NGNCloudComm Omnichannel CCaaS Data IVR

Webform data

NGNCloudComm Omnichannel CCaaS Web Chat Support

Live chat

NGNCloudComm Omnichannel CCaaS WhatsApp Support


Not only are agents able to support all of these communication channels from a single platform, but contact centers are able to apply powerful and automatic business rules across every channel – not just phone calls.

To find out more about this feature and the benefits of NGNCloudComm and how it can impact your ROI, please contact us.



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