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Total Experience with Grupo NGN

CX or Customer Experience has become a key marketing buzz word across multiple industries. Depending on the perspective and motivation of who is using the term it can take on different meanings. Generally, CX is accepted to mean the sum total of customers’ perceptions and feelings resulting from interactions with a brand’s products and services. Within the Contact Center industry, CX takes on added meaning with Omnichannel support to provide sales and customer services across different channels that customers want to use like email, text message, and social media in addition to the traditional phone call.

CX takes on different definitions depending on the perspective and motivation of who is using the term. Generally, the concept of Customer Experience is accepted to mean how a company or business engages with customers at each point of the buying process. Within the Contact Center arena CX has taken on a more specific meaning relating to providing multiple channels for purchasing and customer service.

Grupo NGN improves your CX by providing a Total Experience (TX) for your Contact Center

With its three main products, Grupo NGN provides a Total Experience (TX) combining the experiences of Agents, Contact Center Management and Customers. We believe that Customer Experience (CX) can only be as good as your MX (Management Experience) and AX (Agent Experience).

The Contact Center Management Experience has changed as managers now work with remote as well as in office agents and must provide support across different programs and platforms. NGNShadowCoach allows managers to view agent desktops in real time and chat with the agent directly for coaching.

NGNInsights is a groundbreaking product that impacts both the Management and Agent Experience. Managers save countless hours by automating reports and simplifying the process to immediately identify agents that need training and support. Agents are motivated with real time access to their performance and the platforms gamification features. We have the case studies to prove just how much NGNInsights can improve your Contact Center.

NGNCloudComm is our flagship CCaaS product and it hits all 3 categories for Total Experience.

Managers have access to our web-based client tools to setup custom business rules, IVRs, campaigns, queues and managing leads.

Agents can work from anywhere, without the need of a phone, and are able to support all the different channels from a single platform. No need to login to different products with separate usernames and passwords or to have different windows open to track email and chat while working the phone queues.

Customers use our true omnichannel platform with inbound and outbound phone calls, email, chat, text messaging, WhatsApp, and social media pages.

With Grupo NGN you have the best products to ensure that your Management Team and your Agents have the best possible experience which means your Customers are going to have the best experience.

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