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Automate your bonus and commission plan

How much time does it take for your team to calculate bonus and commission programs?

We have worked with a number of Contact Centers that tell us they spend days each month to calculate bonus and commission plans.

You have already seen the benefits in how NGNInsights is a data visualization and gamification performance enhancement tool for your contact center.  But now see what the Total Experience of NGNInsights can bring to your Contact Center Operations Team.

These Contact Centers have been able to save man hours by automating their monthly bonus and commission programs. On top of that, NGNInsights creates motivation for agents who now have daily access to see where their performance is in relation to the bonus and commission programs.

One Contact Center focused on selling insurance had a monthly deadline of the 10th for calculating their commission and bonus levels. Supervisors would spend hours to export data from different platforms to check schedule adherence, QA scores, phone time, and sales numbers to determine the bonus/commission amount for each agent. With NGNInsights, all of those data points are now on a single platform and the bonus/commission level calculations are performed automatically. So what used to take hours and wasn’t completed until the 10th of each month is now done automatically and ready on the 1st day of the month.

Now consider the agents point of view. Prior to NGNInsights, agents didn’t learn what their previous month bonus/commission amounts were until the 10th of the month and by that time they are almost halfway into the next month without a clear idea of their bonus/commission amount for the current month. With NGNInsights, agents not only see their final bonus/commission amount in real time but they have access to check where they are on the commission ladder every day so they have the ability to put in the extra effort to make sure they maximize their bonus/commission and don’t end up surprised or disappointed 2 weeks into the next month.

So how does NGNInsights do this?

Combining data from multiple platforms

Instead of having to export data from the WFM, the CRM, the QA platform, and the Dialer – all of this data is fed into NGNInsights so management and agents can access it everyday and see custom KPI calculations

Saving custom filters and calculations

Supervisors can sort and filter the data and then save custom reports so they are able to view what agents have qualified for different commission levels on demand and the reports are automatically completed at the end of the month saving countless man hours

Agent gamification

By taking the saved calculations and turning them into Achievements, agents can check their progress each day and are motivated to improve their performance to maximize their bonuses. Agents know on the first day of each month what Achievement they earned and the amount of their bonus

To learn more about how NGNInsights can help your company please contact us.



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Take this opportunity and empower your operation with the best performance, chat, and gamification platform on the market.

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