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NGNCloudComm wins 2022 Customer TMC Labs Innovation Award

NGNCloudComm has been named the 2022 Customer TMC Labs Innovation Award winning CCaaS. According to Erik Linask from TMC “We chose the Grupo NGN NGNCloudComm to win the 2022 CUSTOMER TMC Labs Innovation Award because of its incredible functionality, recent improvements and its extreme level of configurability”. This award reinforces our company motto “Let Your Imagination be Your Only Limitation”.

Why has NGNCloudComm been recognized as the most innovative CCaaS? It simply does things that other CCaaS platforms can’t do. Here are some examples:

Truly Blended Agents

If you are paying for one system to handle your inbound calls and a second system to handle your outbound calls, you are paying too much, and your agents are wasting time logging in and out of multiple systems! NGNCloudComm can handle both inbound and outbound dialing in addition to chat, text, email, WhatsApp, and web data.

Not only does NGNCloudComm handle truly blended agents, but as it makes business sense to your Contact Center you can simultaneously assign agents to both inbound and outbound queues across multiple channels. Need to ensure that your inbound numbers are covered but want to maximize the agents dialing your outbound leads? NGNCloudComm can do just that.


Start with a webchat and then call the agent handling the chat directly. Or move from a phone call to finish the interaction with a webchat.

Send a text message while on a call or webchat. Whether you need to confirm a customer’s identity or send them a confirmation code, being able to combine texting while on a voice call or webchat is a huge advantage.

Spam Control

Intraday and historical reports showing which DID numbers are showing up as “Spam Likely”. NGNCloudComm automatically removes DIDs that are showing up as a Spam number and will try to repair the status automatically over the next 48 hrs.

Business Rules

Our business rules engine automates key decisions and policies. This engine allowed NGNCloudComm to be compliant with new state laws and regulations when other platforms told their customers to stop dialing into Florida and other states.  

Guaranteed Scheduled Callbacks

No more relying on your agents to write down and remember to log out of the queue and manually call a lead or customer back at the right time. No more missing out on sales or lower NPS scores by missing key windows to call leads or customers back at the right time. NGNCloudComm will automate and guarantee scheduled callbacks.

You set the day and time of the callback and then set whether to reserve a specific agent or to allow any agent to make the callback and NGNCloudComm does the rest. Making sure that the right agent is available and automatically connecting them to the callback at the right time.

Universal IVR

With NGNCloudComm you can create IVRs for both Inbound and Outbound calls across all channels, including data. Set up flows, bots, menu options, auto replies, and more for inbound phone calls, web chats, text messages, WhatsApp, and more. Apply the same for outbound interactions as well. Other IVR options include:

  • Giving a customer an estimated wait time
  • Allowing customers to set a set scheduled call back at a specific time
  • Create rules to adhere to new state laws and compliance. Legally call Florida for example

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