NGNInsights 2.7.4 Introducing the Dashboard

The latest upgrade to NGNInsights includes a dashboard that adds a customizable view of a Contact Centers performance improvement over time. Current NGNInsights customers will be notified of the release availability to schedule their update and receive the additional functionality at no cost as part of their contract.

Dashboard features:

  1. Select to view data by Day, Week, or Month
  2. Select the amount of time you want to view or a custom date range
  3. Select or remove specific days of the week to remove non-working days
  4. All Teams shows a single line for all agents, By Teams shows a line for each named team
  5. Select to only display the data for listed teams
  6. Refresh the dashboard to remove any changes. Save a custom dashboard to default to your selected changes
  7. Remove the selected Insight/KPI chart
  8. Resize or reposition the selected Insight/KPI chart

To find out more about this feature and how it can impact your ROI, please contact us.



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