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A Guarantee to substantially increase your agent productivity

Developed and designed by a team with behavioral science background, video game professionals, data visualization experts and a team with more than 100 combined years of experience with Omnichannel contact centers solutions. NGNInsights improves agents and supervisors performances and we have the results to prove it.  With NGNInsights our customers experience a shift in their operations, enabling managers and agents to achieve continuous and uninterrupted feedback within their call center.

Some of our great results

Case Study


For this customer, NGNInsights was configured with a daily points system that considered all 7 of the tracked Insights with Sales/Hour and Conversion heavily weighted (60% of the total score).

With this points system, this leading BPO company is able to correlate their most profitable agents to the scoreboard. Agents with the highest point totals or points per hour are the agents with the best schedule and break adherence, and they are also the ones with the most sales.

The NGNInsights store was also activated with 3 initial products:

Unique Boutique Bucks

This connected the NGNInsights store to the rewards program already in place where agents could spend their Unique Boutique Bucks through an online store. Agents would convert their NGNInsights coins for the Unique Boutique Bucks providing more automated system of tracking the reward currency.

Update Photo

The company disabled the ability for agents to upload their own images, and each agent’s tile used a default employee profile image. Agents were allowed to spend earned coins to change their tile image to a photo or meme of their choice subject to supervisor approval.

Weekend Swap

Agents could swap a midweek off day to have Friday or Saturday off instead.

Daily points were converted into coins that could be spent in the store. During the case study, agents averaged more than 2.4 store purchases per day.


Prior to launching NGNInsights, break adherence was a concern with agents using almost twice as much break time as scheduled. The company set a KPI target of using 50%-100% of scheduled break time. During the case study, break adherence improved agent wide from 183% of break time usage down to 170%.  This equates to reclaiming 586 hours of production time from break time each month on this one KPI alone! This resulted in savings of $105,000 over the course of a year.

Agents increased their Dials/Hr from an average of just over 48 Dials/Hr prior to using NGNInsights to 53.46 during the case study. This more than 11% increase in Dials/Hr equates to nearly 52,000 more dials per month.

Here we see improvements in activity agents can directly control, making sure they are coming back online from break on time and making as many dials as possible, because they now have a real time feedback loop and performance benchmarks in front of them.

The key focus of the case study was an increase in sales which is the key ROI for the contact center. During the case study there was an increase of 11.8% in sales per hour adding more than $336,000 in annual revenue among the key agent group.

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