Are you having problems with Caller-ID and spam marked calls in your contact center?

At Grupo NGN, we believe in options and solutions. You do not have to settle for manual or simple options that either are inefficient or just too time consuming.

Our award-winning Contact Center solution, NGNCloudComm allows you to decide what is the best strategy to use for delivering the right Caller-ID, it ranges from company wide solutions to campaign by campaign solutions or even record by record or call by call!

Withing our system are simple menu driven settings that allows you to create your strategy for delivering the right Caller-ID’s for each occasion. Create predefined lists of Caller-ID’s to use that can be selected sequentially per call. If that is not what you need, then have them selected at random, or even intelligently and automatically using geolocation and employ the closest Caller-ID defined to the customer you are reaching to…

Are your calls being marked as “Possible Spam” to your callers? Talk to us, and make that issue a problem of the past!

Our motto is simple: “Let Your Imagination Be Your Only Limitation!” and we translate that into our software by making many complex solution with other vendors a simple task with NGNCloudComm.

Intrigued? Please Contact Us and let us show you how simple it can be to solve this and other headaches your have today!



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