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Customer Service Entries

Grupo NGN Addresses and Surpasses Common Call Center Industry Concerns

Solving Common Call Center Industry Concerns in the dynamic and fast-paced world of cloud communications requires a partner that not only offers robust and reliable solutions but also prioritizes exceptional customer service and continuous innovation. However, not all...

How Grupo NGN Earns 5 Star Customer Satisfaction Ratings

Call Center Customer Satisfaction starts at the top and is a key to our success at Grupo NGN. We are proud to have an award-winning industry leading CCaaS solution, NGNCloudComm, but we are also proud to maintain our 5 Star Customer Satisfaction rating. Are you happy...

Total Experience with Grupo NGN

CX or Customer Experience has become a key marketing buzz word across multiple industries. Depending on the perspective and motivation of who is using the term it can take on different meanings. Generally, CX is accepted to mean the sum total of customers’ perceptions...

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