The real brains behind Grupo NGN is the amazing team of sales, support, and development that works around the globe. You can learn more about how we have a 92% 5 star customer service rating and only 1 single 3 star review in over 3 years here. But this article is going to focus on our products and how they work as the “Brains Behind Grupo NGN”.

In April this year we released an updated version of our website to better communicate the value of our three main products, NGNCloudComm, NGNInsights, and NGNShadowCoach. With the new website design, we also launched our new visual the brain.

Provide true Ominchannel experiences

Allow your customers to communicate via phone, email, chat, SMS text, web forms, and social media channels.

Use a single agent interface

Agents can handle every communication channel from the same platform with our native blended environment. No need for agents to remember multiple usernames and passwords or time wasted logging in and out of different software to change from phone to chat to email etc.

Apply custom business rules

NGNCloudComm allows you to fully control how inbound calls are routed and queued and control how outbound calls are scheduled and assigned. Email, chat, SMS text, and social media messages are treated like phone calls giving you the same powerful IVR and business rule applications to route, schedule, and queue all your communications.

Build your own IVRs

With our user friendly drop and drag interface any user can build powerful IVRs without any programming experience.

Run custom reports

In addition to our more than 30 built in reports you can customize additional reports to pull and analyze the exact data you need for your contact center.

Be compliance ready

Whether you need to be TCPA, HIPPA, PCI or any other compliance, our multi-instance secure cloud based servers are deployed with your needs in mind and go through regular penetration and security testing.

Follow your imagination

When we say "Let your imagination be your only limitation" we mean it! NGNCloudComm is built to handle the future needs of communication.

Improve Performance

20% decrease in handle time? Check. 400% increase in successful upsells? Check. 30% increase in adherence? Check. We have the case studies to prove how NGNInsights increases performance.

Deploy Gamification

Gamification is more than just bells and whistles. NGNInsights uses leaderboards, points, awards and achievements in proven ways to motivate your employees.

Increase Supervisor Efficiency

Supervisors spend less time reading spreadsheets and more time engaging with the agents that are in the most need of assistance and training.

Motivate your Agents

Our real time feedback loop with simple Green/Yellow/Red benchmarking empowers your agents to make improvments in real time and to maintain a high level of activity on their own.

Control Internal Chat

Send broadcast messages to scroll across the top of the agents screen. Set up state based channels that can only be accessed when agents are on lunch or break. Take full control over who and when your agents can chat with each other or with management.

Real Time Monitoring

View your agents monitor and listen to their audio in real time to provide compliance and training as needed. Our built in chat allows you to communicate with the agent as needed while monitoring their work.

Custom Recording

Record as little or as much of your agents interactions as needed for compliance, quality, and training with our scheduling rules. Recorded files are kept for as long as you need them based on storage availability not on a predefined schedule.

Leverage industry knowledge

Grupo NGN executives are members of PACE (Professional Association for Customer Engagement) and serve on the Government Affairs board. This means we constantly monitoring political and legal changes to the contact center industry and ensuring our products are compliant.

Receive free software updates

We run agile development teams with consistent software upgrades and updates that are always part of your licensing contract. We listen to our customers feature requests and make sure our software adapts to your needs.

Engage professional services

Our software deploys quickly and is simple to run and manage. But for those custom projects we have a dedicated professional services team that consult with your team and make sure your contact center is running exactly how you want it to.


The real brains behind Grupo NGN is the amazing team of sales, support, and development that works around the globe. You can learn more about how we have a 92% 5 star customer service rating and only 1 single 3 star review in over 3 years here. But this article is going to focus on our products and how they work as the “Brains Behind Grupo NGN”.

In April this year we released an updated version of our website to better communicate the value of our three main products, NGNCloudComm, NGNInsights, and NGNShadowCoach. With the new website design, we also launched our new visual the brain.

The History of NGNCloudComm Visuals

Developing a visual can be a process. For NGNCloudComm we utilized a visual we referred to as “The Knights of the Roundtable” for many years. The concept was to showcase the many unique features of NGNCloudComm as each having a seat around the table and working together. One of the messages we wanted to add with the Knights of the Roundtable was the fact that we were one of the pioneers in employing Artificial Intelligence in our software. We first used AI as early as 1995. This “Roundtable” visual did not convey all the messages we wanted to. This was replaced with the first version of a brain visual that took the Knights/Features away from the Roundtable and instead put them inside of a brain to make the visual more intuitive.

Web Agent


RealTime Reporting

Integrated Recording


Strategy Designer

Historical Reports

Integrated IVR



Agent Scripting


Virtual Hold

Quality Assurace

Multiple Dialers

Engage Now


A.I. Engine



As Grupo NGN added two significant new products to its portfolio, NGNInsights and NGNShadowCoach, it was time to create a new version of the brain visual that took the full message with the extended product line into account and their benefits.

Understanding the Human Brain and the 10% Myth

The brain is a remarkable organ and is still a bit of mystery. Researchers have defined 180 distinct regions in just the outer layer or cerebral cortex. You have likely heard the common but incorrect concept that humans only use around 10% of their brain.

The idea is that there are extreme levels of intelligence and possibly even science fiction like powers that could be tapped by unlocking and using the other 90%. Modern technology like PET and fMRI have proven that humans use all of their brain mass.

The brain map (also called a neuro map) is an important tool used to evaluate brainwaves and identify opportunities to improve communication between various regions of the brain. It is from this concept we developed the idea to utilize the new brain visual to represent the relationships between all the products and services Grupo NGN offers.

Four Main Lobes and Four Main Products and Service

As the human brain has 4 main lobes, it made sense to expand the use of the brain visual to not just represent NGNCloudComm but to represent all of our products and our amazing customer and professional service teams.

The 4 main lobes of the human brain are:

Frontal Lobe

Parietal Lobe

Temporal Lobe

Occipital Lobe

Each lobe performs a specific function that perfectly fits how the different products offered by Grupo NGN work together.  Because NGNCloudComm encompasses characteristics of both the Frontal and Temporal Lobes we have combined these lobes into a single visual.

Frontal / Temporal Lobe

Business Rules

Often referred to as “The Executive” area of the human brain, the frontal lobe is responsible for decision making, behavior and movement. One of the most significant features in NGNCloudComm is that you can define and enforce your company’s Business Rules. These features ensure that legal and business compliance are automated and contact centers do not need to worry about human error costing them time and money.  These Business Rules also allow users to set up custom Result Codes to track the results of every interaction and custom statistics to automatically track your KPIs. All of this can be done without any programing!

Business Rules have four properties that are simple to set up but work together to allow Contact Centers to create powerful automated systems:

Result Codes or Dispositions

Dialer Rules

Scheduling Rules

Statistic Categories

Result Codes or Dispositions

Each custom Result Code or Disposition has an alphanumeric code with a description that allows the system and/or agents to select how to categorize a completed interaction. This allows you to track and report activity using your own definitions and Statistical Categories. If applicable a Result Code can be marked as “No Connect” which tells the system to not consider the interaction as a live connection. For example, if an agent is sent a call that resulted on a busy signal, the agent can disposition the call as “BUSY – Live Try” that is marked as “No Connect” and that call is not incorrectly tracked as a live call. From a practical standpoint this ensures that abandon rates are calculated correctly which is a key indicator for outbound campaigns.

I want to make a note about referring to “interactions” and not just “calls”. NGNCloudComm is a true omnichannel platform and the Business Rules apply to any interaction – chat, email, WhatsApp, even data submitted from a webform. Consider how the “No Connect” feature would work with an agent that received a web chat where the customer initiated a chat but then never responded. Maybe the customer lost internet connection or had an interruption and simply forgot they had initiated a web chat. An “NR – No Reply” result code with the “No Connect” option marked would allow the Contact Center to accurately track what happened.

For more complex scenarios, “Scheduling Strategy Script” allows you to send an interaction to an IVR-like flow (Strategy Script) that can override standard Scheduling Rules if needed and automatically run any option you can imagine through the flow. Our company motto is “Let Your Imagination be Your Only Limitation” and this feature right here is one of the ways we accomplish this. By allowing a Result Code or Disposition to send an interaction to a custom Strategy Script, there are endless options to what you can do with that interaction. Schedule and send a text message, start an email campaign, create a new record or update a record in a third-party CRM like Sales Force or HubSpot are just a few possibilities.

“Statistic Categories” allows users to aggregate interaction data by disposition. For example, you can track all closed sales or track all qualified leads into a specific “Statistic Category”. This allows you to take multiple Result Codes or Dispositions and combine them into a single category for tracking purposes. These “Statistic Categories” are automatically added to our performance and gamification platform NGNInsights for simple but very powerful data analysis and performance improvement.

Dialer Rules

At the heart of each interaction, there are a finite number of actions automatically detected by the communications system. A default action is to be defined for each state by each interaction. There are 19 situations in which to define such defaults.

The situations range from what to do if the system detects a busy signal to what if an Agent is not available for a Scheduled Callback to how to act when an Answering machine is detected, etc.

Drop Call Stop the interaction

A Result Code must be selected from the available list to properly catalog the result of the interaction.

Route to CSR Send the Interaction to an Agent
Play Message Play a Generic Message

Play Message requires a Drop Code to be selected and a Play File to be set. Any message files or hold music files that have been defined in the users account are available to be selected here. This makes it very simple for a user to assign these files without any programming knowledge or having to use an IVR.

Route to IVR Send the interaction to an IVR flow

Sends the interaction directly to an IVR resource, which again, opens limitless options by putting the specific interaction into an IVR flow.

No Connect Route to CSR
Send the interaction to an Agent but do not count the interaction as a connection.

A user can select multiple choices and by using the option “Supervisor Can Change”, it allows the onsite Supervisor to change the default action as needed directly from the Manager Console while live, no need to contact IT. For example, the default action for “AM – Answering Machine” may be to route to agents to leave a message but on a busy day a supervisor may decide to change that to “Play Message” and allow automated messages from a file to be played so agents are able to focus on calls waiting in the queue.


This allows you to control what happens to an interaction after it has been dispositioned. How quickly, and how many times, would you like NGNCloudComm to call a lead if it does not answer or if it goes to voicemail? After how many attempts do you want to stop calling? When is the appropriate time to send a text/email based on customer behavior?

NGNCloudComm allows you to go that extra mile in simple yet powerful actions. For example, your company has a business rule that maximizes the number of left messages on an Answering Machine to 4. On that fourth interaction, it can be automatically disposition “Final Answering Machine” and moved to the “Unworkable” statistical group instead of another “Answering Machine” and mark it as un-dialable by anyone. Other options include attempting to call additional numbers on a lead record (i.e., work vs cell vs home, etc.) or setting specific scheduled call back rules such as reserving a specific agent to handle the call. There is no single way of handling your business. Let your imagination be your only limitation!

Omnichannel Capabilities

The temporal lobe controls hearing allowing humans to interpret different sounds captured by the ear and to recognize language. This lobe also helps with object recognition and plays a part in the creation of long-term memories. As you have already seen, NGNCloudComm is a true omnichannel platform. Not only does NGNCloudComm handle full inbound and full outbound calls, but it also handles email, webchat, WhatsApp, text message, social media interactions, webform data and more.

Note the use of “full inbound” and “full outbound” calls in the previous paragraph. I have worked with multiple customers who must use different systems for their agents to handle inbound calls and outbound calls. Agents log into one system to be in the inbound call queue but when they need to predictively dial out to speak to a lead or contact, they must log into a different system that is set up with that capability.

This not only increases the monthly cost by having an additional system that must be paid for, but it also costs the extra time agents must spend logging out of one system and then logging into the other system. We have seen Contact Centers that have to assign multiple email addresses to their agents because the inbound and outbound systems can’t use the same email as the agent ID. Agents have to remember both emails and different passwords. Supervisors must spend extra time managing these extra environments. The Operations team must take reports and data from the two different systems and combine them for complete analysis.

There are CCaaS systems that claim to be omnichannel because they can do simple outbound calls as well as route emails and webchat to their agents. But with NGNCloudComm every interaction type has every functionality that comes with voice calls. Emails can sit in a queue just like phone calls waiting for the next available agent to reply to it and then that email is dispositioned by the agent. Just like NGNCloudComm allows for Business Rules to automatically process interactions based on a call behavior, the same can applied to an email, a webchat, a WhatsApp interaction, etc. Webchats can be transferred just like a phone call. Agents can conference in a third party to a webchat or completely transfer the webchat to another agent such as a Level 2 tech. In that last example, the Level 2 tech has access to the full chat history and does not have to start from scratch with the customer.

Parietal Lobe


This lobe of the brain interprets the input from the body’s senses. Taste, hearing, smell, sight, and touch sensory experience all runs through the parietal lobe for perception and integration. NGNInsights is our performance and gamification platform that allows users to integrate data from multiple platforms and allow supervisors and agents to easily perceive and react to their performance in real time.

A large BPO may run multiple CCaaS platforms as well as one more CRM and WFM tools. With NGNInsights, the data from each one of those tools can be combined into a single platform for custom KPI creation and analysis. Proven gamification techniques turn agents into self-motivated actors in control of their performance and results. We have the case studies to prove it.

Combining data from multiple sources allows customers to create and track custom KPIs. For example, the number of calls can come from NGNCloudComm, and the dollar amount of closed deals can come from Sales Force or another CRM. Once all of that data exists in NGNInsights, you can easily create a Revenue/Call KPI by dividing the dollar amount from the CRM with the total calls from NGNCloudComm.

The NGNInsights tile creates an open feedback loop between agents and supervisors and management. Agents have real time access to their performance in an intuitive color-coded benchmarking system and the agents know their supervisors see the same tile. Users have seen very significant improvements in just the first 30 days of deployment without even making use of the additional gamification features. One customer improved their adherence by simply putting the adherence score on the agent tile without any other major change while another customer saw a significant increase in upsell success by doing the same thing.

NGNInsights also includes chat functionality built specifically with the unique needs of the contact center in mind. Broadcast messages scroll across the agent desktop ensuring time urgent messages are conveyed without interrupting agents’ workflow. Contact Centers are in full control of who agents are allowed to chat with – only supervisors or only agents on their team for example. The ability to include screenshots and file attachments can be turned on or off depending on the customer’s needs. Special “State Based Chatrooms” only allow agents to access the room and any messages in it when they are in the appropriate CCaaS state such as a break room that is only accessible when an agent is on break or meal states.

Occipital Lobe


Vision is controlled by this region of the brain in the back of the human head. NGNShadowCoach allows supervisors to monitor agent desktops in real time. With the move to remote agents, the demand for this product has risen significantly.

Supervisors can bring up any agent on demand to view their desktop. If agents are running multiple monitors, NGNShadowCoach shows each monitor. Audio monitoring is enhanced allowing the supervisor to select the specific input and output devices ensuring that both sides of any voice interaction – the customer and the agent – are captured.

A simple text-based chat option is included allowing a supervisor to coach their agents without interrupting any calls while monitoring their desktop in real time. NGNShadowCoach also allows supervisors to record agent monitors as needed.

Total Experience


As you can see there was more to our new visual than meets the eye. Grupo NGN is not just a vendor looking to sell software. We are a technology partner that is proud of the fact that we have perfect customer service ratings with G2 and customers who have used our technology for more than 25 years. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can partner with you and make your contact center a success.  

To find out more about the benefits of Grupo NGN and how it can impact your ROI, please contact us.



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