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We all know the Coronavirus pandemic has caused much destruction to our daily lives – physically, emotionally and financially. As we experience social distancing, lockdowns, business closures and uncertainties, Grupo NGN, Inc. is working hard to alleviate the impact on organizations and their employees. We care about you and we are here for you.

With growing concern over COVID-19, organizations have been forced to consider alternative operational configurations to safeguard both their employees and the integrity of their services.

With global uncertainty likely to increase, contact center leaders will be tasked with discovering creative solutions amidst the ever-changing landscape.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) currently recommends social distancing and limiting close contact with others as a main precaution to prevent the spread of the illness. Unfortunately, not all contact centers are uniquely equipped for pain-free migration to at-home models with technology built to support remote contact centers.  Whether or not your contact center falls into that category, we can help!

The Benefits of an At-Home Call Center Model

Regardless if you’re compelled to consider an at-home model due to the increasing impact of COVID-19 or business-related circumstances, there are many benefits to this style of work.

Better redundancy

Thanks to the rise of digital connectivity, including cloud-based collaboration and process tools, at-home agent models offer high redundancy rates, which is extremely difficult to replicate across a traditional brick-and-mortar model (without breaking the bank).

A distributed team of remote agents allows for scalable failover and outage contingencies that go well beyond what’s possible from a single, localized contact center operation.

Greater talent pool

By expanding your reach beyond your corporate address, you open the door to a community of qualified agents that you could otherwise miss.

Leveraging remote agents allows you to optimize for other organizational priorities. Business leaders can use remote agents to:

  • Lower costs
  • Maximize time-zone coverage
  • Reduce environmental impact
  • Give skilled individuals with disabilities or work limitations access to greater professional opportunities.

Remote ready

Most organizations are probably close to at-home ready right now without even knowing it. The increase in digital transformation has created cloud-supported work processes across every major industry, not just contact centers.

Our NGNCloudComm solution allows your organization flexibility to connect remotely, so your business can keep growing in any scenario. Agents can work from their home PCs or mobile devices/tablets – all with clear call quality, synchronized CTI, and customizable scripting.

If your employees do not have a home computer, that’s okay.  Grupo NGN’s ready-made, secure terminals will have your agents online minutes after opening the box!

NGNCloudComm - Complete Omnichannel Contact Center software

How We Can Help

Contact center leaders that traditionally manage in-person teams want sophisticated ways to monitor the training and progress of all remote agents, as well as systems designed to track agent comprehension during virtual onboarding.

Our solutions already have these capacities built in, with KPI and engagement metrics used to give contact center leaders full visibility into their agents’ ongoing learning.

Performance Monitoring

Leaders seeking to transition to an at-home model need digitally equipped processes to automate interventions and celebrate successes.  Our solutions provide Gamification and Speech Analytics platforms that celebrate agent successes and highlight struggling agents in a sympathetic manner.

Security & Compliance

Historically, if contact centers chose to leverage remote agents, they had to lean on network admins to carry a heavy lift of getting security compliance in place. But with GrupoNGN, we relieve that burden by pre-configuring and implementing security measures to agents all around the world.

This means incredible security scalability can be achieved even across at-home models, with the added benefit of built-in data analytics that we offer.

Multiple Deployment Models

Unlike any other software in the market, we can deploy our solution in different ways without losing any functionality. Cloud, On-Premise or Hybrid is no problem.

When it comes to financial deployment, we can also offer multiple solutions; from our traditional concurrent-agent licenses to a Software Usage per-Minute licensing.

Final Words

Right now, we are all experiencing an historic and unprecedented change in the way the world is operating.  We want your organization to continue to thrive and your employees to continue to work while staying healthy.

We are offering a special pay per usage per minute used rate to help alleviate the financial impact COVID-19 is having on businesses worldwide.

Please stay safe and healthy and let us know how we can help you!


Javier Limones
Founder & CEO,
Grupo NGN, Inc.

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