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Grupo NGN Offers Limited-Time Special for New Customers

Grupo NGN, Inc. is proud to offer its NGNCloudComm™ technology and services at a discounted rate to help businesses and contact centers of all sizes thrive this summer as businesses adjust to and embrace the new reality of work remote options for employees.

“We understand what employers and employees have been going through recently,” Grupo NGN CEO Javier Limones said. “Our special rates enable businesses to integrate platforms seamlessly at a quick pace to allow their workforce the ability to work remotely.”

The special offer takes place at a time when the demand for remote agent capabilities continues to rise and businesses struggling to stay afloat. With more contact centers having to pivot to a new way of working, Grupo NGN believes the discount will be beneficial to those who have yet to make the shift.

Customers can take part in the special savings until July 15, 2020. The offering allows for businesses to save thousands of dollars on set-up, training, licensing and project management.

How new customers save:

  • All User/Supervisor/Administration Licenses are FREE for 45 days
  • All Project Management costs are waived
  • Extreme discount on set up
  • All trainings are 50% off
  • All Professional Services fees are 50% off

Grupo NGN, Inc.’s NGNCloudComm™ solution allows an organization flexibility to connect remotely, quickly. Agents can work from their home PCs or mobile devices/tablets – all with clear call quality, synchronized CTI, and customizable scripting. If employees do not have a home computer, Grupo NGN’s ready-made, safe and secure terminals get agents online in minutes.

In addition, Grupo NGN recently announced that the company’s patented performance and engagement tool will now be included in the NGNCloudComm™ service package, as well as the NGNInsightsTM Communication Center, or available as a stand-alone service.

“We all know the Coronavirus pandemic has caused much destruction to our daily lives – physically, emotionally and financially. As we experience social distancing, lockdowns, business closures and uncertainties, Grupo NGN, Inc. is working hard to alleviate the impact on organizations and their employees. We care about you and we are here for you.”

– Javier Limones CEO of Grupo NGN


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