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NGNCloudComm now includes Agent Screen Recording

NGNCloudComm Screen and Voice recording included

Grupo NGN is pleased to announce the strengthening of its native Voice Recording with the release of its new Screen Recording feature. No longer do you need to use third party applications with the corresponding complexity, control, management of recordings, etc. Any user with the corresponding security permissions can see/download the voice and screen recordings, with a single click of a button.

NGNCloudComm Screen and Voice recordings Business Rules

Ability to set custom recording rules that fits your business rules, including 100% recordings! You can control when to record, what kinds of interactions to record, which recordings can be automatically discarded (i.e. wrong calls)… control if agents can have manual control of what and when to record… and much more!

And as it is customary with our Customer Service policy, this new feature comes included at no extra cost(*) to existing customers!

To find out more about this new feature and the benefits of NGNCloudComm and how it can impact your ROI, please contact us

NGNCloudComm EngageNow

EngageNow allows customers to engage with the contact center directly from any web enabled device. No need for a phone number and no long distance costs.

See how we unify voice and data channels as the agent you connect with will have all your information in front of them. Simply fill out the form below and experience the next generation of contact center services.



(844) 464 7876




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