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Introducing NGNCloudComm™ V8


The customer engagement platform that has been setting trends for over two decades under several names, has been rebranded to reflect its migration to a cloud ready solution.  As it “returns home” to the original development and support team that introduced it to the world in 1995, the team at Grupo NGN are focused on once again pushing your contact center years ahead of your competitors.

Whether you have been a customer for two months or two decades – now is the time to upgrade.  Why?  Here are some key enhancements that are being delivered in this new release:

  • Many bug fixes: While new features are wonderful additions to any organization, existing flaws found by our development team and customers must be resolved! During the first 8 months of development under the new brand, NGNCloudComm’s development team performed aggressive quality testing against virtually every facet of our platform.  Between customer reported incidents and issues found in our testing, several bugs were corrected in the version 8 release.  Grupo NGN’s development team is committed to standing by their work, quickly working to resolve any issues reported.
  • New Deployment Models: Traditionally you have been able to deploy the solution directly into your own infrastructure, on-premise. Now you can take advantage of the same feature rich solution directly as a Cloud solution (ours or yours) or a Hybrid deployment model that allows you to take advantage of the best of all worlds.
  • New Agile methodology: Starting with the release of version 8, Grupo NGN has adopted an Agile release methodology. What this meant to you is that bug fixes and new enhancements are published constantly every few weeks instead of every few months or years.
  • Voice Recognition Support: Press 1, 2, 3…that’s great – but what if you need an alphanumeric response, such as a flight confirmation code? Version 8 now supports actual speech recognition – let your customers say their information if they want instead of entering it. *
  • Virtual IVR: Starting with version 8, IVR flows no longer need to be deployed physically for their execution (including voice prompts, etc.). This provides a better deployment experience for you, especially on a Cloud environment.
  • “Phoneless” agents: While we’ve never required any sort of PBX or direct dial lines for your agents, there has always been the need for some sort of phone – softphone, IP Phone, etc. Now, in version 8, get rid of that softphone license or that clunky headset box on the desktop.  Encrypted audio can be streamed directly through the web browser – reducing your overall operating cost while maintaining critical data security compliance
  • Full TLS 1.2 support: If you are involved in any regulated sectors – especially financial services – TLS 1.2 is the minimum operating requirement for all network devices as of mid-2018. Not only do your servers and network devices need to be configured to communicate on this standard, but your software must support communication on this protocol as well.  Version 8 has you covered!
  • Multilingual support: Sure, scripting in any language has always been possible on this platform, but what about end-user applications as a whole? In today’s global market, it is important to be able to deliver a product that the end-users can use at all levels – not just call scripting – in their language of choice.  Version 8 is delivered with full support in six languages – English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, and German.
  • Web-based Configuration Manager: We look great for our age, but we’re still going to spoil ourselves with a few facelifts! The first wave comes in our all-new web-based configuration manager.  This slick interface utilizes our new application development framework designed to support open cloud architecture and reflect the design standards of the modern computing age.
  • Universal Script: Are you starting a new campaign but don’t need “scripted” language? Version 8 delivers a universal script that can be applied to any campaign, allowing data capture/display on all data fields within the campaign.  Intelligent design formats the script to add calendar widgets, check boxes, and additional validation based on the data fields in the campaign. Decrease campaign setup time with this great new addition!
  • Enhanced email campaigns: While prior releases supported limited email communication, and entirely new suite of tools have been created for version 8 to allow robust email campaign management. Full support exists for templates, email assignment/deferral, and so much more! **
  • Full mobile support: Let’s face it – some of us are starting to go mobile. Many volunteer or field organizations need to be able to work off mobile devices (such as tablets or smartphones), and our new agent interface is designed to be 100% mobile-friendly.
  • Workforce Management available: There is a built-in workforce manager option to which you can now add to enhance the management capabilities of your center.
  • Click-2-Call SDK: Today, customers expect that they dictate when they are called – not you. More and more countries are introducing legislation that guarantees that right to their residents.  The Click-2-Call SDK is an easy to use tool kit that you can integrate into your website (or client’s website) that will allow the agents to select the option to be called.  Upon clicking, we can immediately trigger an action in NGNCloudComm that generates a call to that customer. **
  • and MS Outlook integration: Do you use for your customer interactions? If so, integrate NGNCloudComm with your account and integrate your customer interactions directly within the interface!  Perhaps you’d like a simplified way to route telephony through MS Outlook – we’ve got you covered there as well.  Many more integrations are on the way as standard features to customers!**
  • Realtime Calendar Integration: Do you do a lot of appointment scheduling using cloud calendars such as MS Office 365 or Google? Easy integration points have been created in version 8 to improve efficiency and streamline operations.  Let your agents focus on first call resolution without worrying about juggling multiple application windows.

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