Data Acquisition Translation Directly Impacts Customer Experience

In the words of author Daniel Keys Moran, “You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data”.  Our world is increasingly data-driven and how you acquire and translate data directly impacts your business.  If your data sources are scattered and not compatible with each other, it will be harder to develop an informed strategy to effectively reach your customers.

To bring data sources together, you need a system to unify them.

A unified data platform combines all of your customer information into a single, centralized view. This means your fragmented data sources become one. Which in turn means no more searching across disparate systems or relying on others to pull information for you. The benefits of a unified customer data platform are twofold:

  1.  Enable a more accurate and holistic picture of customers in real-time.
  2.  Make informed decisions and access accurate business intelligence.

These days we hear a lot about personalization and the power of consumer data. Your data can be used to curate pretty much any online experience to your unique tastes in the right hands. So much so customers now realize this as a given. They are demanding personalized experiences, which means companies must react to this directive by doing two very important things:

  • Learning from their behavior.
  • Incorporating those learnings into future interactions.

But, that’s only one part of the equation. Businesses must also remove friction and be easy to communicate with on any and every channel. These customer expectations show no signs of slowing, and companies are struggling to deliver a truly unified experience across channels in this regard because they remain siloed.

Although the data is there, too often it’s spliced across different data management systems and applications that don’t speak to one another. This means the insights into and connections with the customer aren’t prioritized. Or even worse they could be lost entirely. A unified customer data platform can help you do two mission-critical things:

  • Better understand customer preferences.
  • Develop and measure the right KPIs to scale your business

The primary roadblock to meeting customer expectations stems from disorganized data collection and management practices. A lack of data integration can translate into missed opportunities and even profit losses. Research shows that it’s up to 25 times more expensive to obtain new customers than it is to retain existing ones.

Offering personalized experiences is a surefire way to create the kinds of brand ambassadors that come back and bring others with them.

Data Helps Power Relevant, Timely Interactions

At Grupo NGN, we understand that data collection and enterprise communications can be overwhelming.  That’s why we designed a system to wield simple unified customer data to inform your customer interactions intelligently and accurately.

Email address, mobile number, conversation history — all of these data points should tie together to deliver the most relevant experience. They should also help you to make important decisions about your business and enable agents to be more anticipatory.

Our all-in-one omnichannel platform stores all key customer attributes and interaction history across all channels and applications in one place.  This enhances the customer journey at every stage by bridging the gap between online and offline touch-points in real-time.

Data Helps You Offer Anticipatory Customer Service

Empowering agents to identify customers right away with the help of data is the cornerstone of anticipatory customer service.  A well-constructed IVR can mean all the difference. A well-constructed IVR combined with all-inclusive data that offers a panoramic customer view gives agents the foundation they need to expose all of the necessary details to provide comprehensive and intelligent service.

NGN CloudComm centralizes and standardizes customer attributes and interactions across all channels and applications in one place — creating a true omnichannel customer profile. By automatically centralizing and standardizing data from different applications, you obtain a complete history and forecast of your customers’ journeys.

Grupo NGN believes in data-driven development.  We are at the forefront of technology trends which provides you with strategic and timely insights that can manifest in many ways – from gaining a competitive advantage or increasing market share to opening a new revenue stream.

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